Accuwebhosting Reviews Summary; Everybody Can Learn From!

It’s vital for you to get to know the hosting providers better before making any personal or business investments. That’s why today we have a hosting service up on our list, that is Accuwebhosting!

Our highly analytic guide goes through many Accuwebhosting reviews to give you a more detailed and precisely informative compilation of data that can help decide whether it’s wise to go on with them or not.

Hosting is your stepping stone to internet success, and if that’s not reliable, then it’d be a serious issue. That’s why it’s always a matter of severe importance to choose the right hosting that works.

Accuwebhosting Review 

Here in our guide, you’d find a smart synopsis of the user experience and Accuwebhosting’s own account of how services are being offered in a detailed manner. Let’s find out!

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Any user must learn about the previous history of the host before trusting them. Well, in the case of Accuwebhosting, that’s something you’d find surprisingly amazing.

They’re an organization with 17 long years of experience under their belt; anyone can guess they have a valid understanding of the business!

It’s a private organization that has already served 101,025 both domestic and international users, and the number isn’t stopping anytime soon!

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Performance is one of the most important aspects of any hosting. In the performance section, you can expect a moderate to satisfactory output with a sophisticated response time. Faster response time will aid both organic and paid traffic.

It will let the users have a decent site surfing and or service purchasing experience, directly affecting your revenue.

A fair surfing experience will also grow the users’ trust, and your site will get a better reputation on the other hand.


In terms of Uptime, there isn’t much to worry about. Outages are one of the most feared things for any online business person or blogger. But after running several tests, it has been found that the Accuwebhosting comes with an undisrupted uptime without any outages for a trouble-free, smooth browsing experience.

Customer Support 

In the customer support section, Accu Web Hosting performs as any standard hosting provider should. Much similar to the present time methods, it has a 24/7 live chat program running for tackling any customer with the solution to their queries.

Features and Offers 

Similar to any hosting provider, Accu Web Hosting has its share of different features and offers. Here are a few of them you should know!

Domain Registration 

Well, you can also get the desired domains registered using the hosting platform. As a result, it would minimize your trouble of using two different platforms for two different activities.

You can tie down both the activities of registration and hosting within one site, which would unbelievably reduce your chores and organize your works to a certain extent!

Web Security 

Security is one of the top priorities for Accu Web Hosting. Each of the network traffic is monitored using specialized programs. Remember, Accu Web Hosting collects traffic information for security reasons and can share it with security firms for further analysis, including personally identifiable data.

Keeping aside the personal information issue, the way they monitor and channel the security protocols is pretty smart and should be a dependable option for the users.

Data Backups

Coming with an astonishing series of data backup centers, backing up your site information is not something you should fret about. The host has data centers located in 12 different countries globally, including the USA, France, Canada, Singapore, Netherlands, Poland, Korea, UK, Japan, Australia, and India!

With this incredible data support system, you get from 10 up to 60 GB SSD storage in data backups from regular to premium services!

Cpanel Integrated 

On top of all these, Accu Web Hosting comes with complete Cpanel integration. Because of this unique integration, you get to have a highly user-friendly interface!

Refund Policy

Refund policy can vary from service to service. Each service requires a personal query to learn about the refund policy of that particular item.

In general, with hosting options, you will be getting a 30-day money-back refund policy. And just like the other hosting platforms like Cloudways and Always Web Hosting this one too offers a regular 30 days refund policy.

If your obtained services show any unexpected issues within a period of 30 days, Accuwebhosting would be bound to return your invested amount, in case the problem remains unsolvable, the possibility of which is quite low.


One-click Installation

This one comes too like the AvaHostcomes equipped with WordPress support. Easy to install and maintain, WordPress features one of the most user-friendly interfaces you can have right now.

So, you don’t need any complex coding or similar jobs to get the installations done. Use the unbelievably simple one-click installation procedure of WordPress and get your site in order using a super easy interface and save yourself from the complicated mess of coding.

Plans and Pricing

Hosting comes in three different plans with unique pricing for each one. Here is a list that would offer an in-depth understanding of each of their plans and pricing. They’ve got three different plans which should suit the varied needs of different individuals.

Plan Name


Refund Policy


Added Offers

Person Web Hosting Plan

3.09$ Monthly

30 Days

10 Gb SSD Storage

Anti Spam Cloud

Small Business Web Hosting

5.09$ Monthly

30 Days

30 GB SSD Storage

Free SSL, PHP Support

Enterprise Web Hosting

9.99% Monthly

30 Days

50 GB SSD Storage

Website builder, SSL, PHP

Free Bonuses

Accu Web Hosting comes with an array of free bonuses. Some which are:

  • Offers full free SSL support for increased security and enhanced user reliability
  • Provides free transfer of domain from one hosting to Accuwebhosting
  • Comes with unbelievable free domain hosting offers for the students

Pros and Cons 

Here are some of the Pros and Cons you should count on.


  • Comes with years-long expertise in the field, which would help them solve common problems without much hassle
  • Offers stunning security for the hosted sites letting the users stay free of worries
  • Data centers lying across the globe would offer tremendous support in case of emergencies
  • 24/7 live chat customer support system aids the users’ experience
  • Offers several free bonuses and 30 days refund policies enhancing user satisfaction


  • Comes with limits on storage and bandwidth
  • No reduction of price on the first subscription


Here are our ratings on the different aspects of the Accu Web Hosting!







Customer Support


Web Security


Data Backups


Refund Policy


Overall Thought

Well, in the detailed guide, we attempted to go through almost all the critical features of hosting service providers. Each hosting service site has to offer tons of different benefits so that the users can outperform their contenders in this tremendously competitive market of online strategies.

To get a thorough overview of the site, we tried to go through different Accuwebhosting reviews and user opinions and provide you with a synopsis of the entire collection. It paints an overall picture regarding the hosting service.

The overall performance sounds pretty solid with dependable data backups, 24/7 customer support and decent Uptime. On top of that, their 17 years of expertise in the field would surely help both parties in sorting out complex issues within a short period.

So, Accu Web Hosting should be a quality hosting you can go forward with despite the minor flaws. Get your subscriptions started and enjoy the secured online hosting right now!

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