Data-Rich Always Web Hosting Review Rundown with Detailed Ratings!

Web hosting isn’t a novice job, it takes tremendous effort and in-depth tech knowledge to get a web hosting service up and running properly.

As you can’t just trust all the Webhosting out there, we’re here to filter out the cheap ones. Today we’ll try to go through several Always Web Hosting reviews and put them together for an extensive guide to help any customer willing to get a subscription.

As we exclaimed, hosting requires unmatched skill and knowledge as each organization is responsible for their user’s site’s security, data breach, website performance, uptime and many more.

Always Web Hosting Review

Here in our exclusively detailed guide, we’ll try to paint a vivid picture of how Always Web Hosting can offer you the desired hosting services through our skillful analysis. — Friendly and super-fast web hosting! 


Each organization’s devotion to their work has something to do with their time on the given jobs. It’s a general rule that when an individual or organization puts a vast amount of time behind a particular task, they will have a better workflow and increased dedication.

Similarly, Always Web Hosting’s story goes back a long time. They formed the organization over a decade back.

And for all these years after their formation, they’ve grown both in experience and skill to satisfy their customers’ needs!


Right after history, the first thing you’d want to learn is how the hosting performs. Performance is one of the deciding factors in terms of getting a subscription.

Servers with exceptional specs offer a better and smoother execution of web-related functions.

Plus, they also come with SSL certificates which enhances the validity of your site and makes it more reliable to the users. 


Uptime is another crucial factor that matters highly for any website. If your hosting provider cannot keep your site up all the time and the permanent users find the site down for some moments, it’d be catastrophic for the business. That’s why Always Web Hosting comes with a 24/7 uptime guarantee, which would surely satisfy all the potential subscribers of the hosting.

Customer Support

Customer support is another highly important factor to consider before going ahead with the hosting subscription. Customers expect 24/7 customer service.

One thing that can bother some users is that Always Web Hosting doesn’t have a live chat feature. But you’d still get the information you’re looking for using the mail contacts of each department.

So, despite the minor issues, customer support should be workable.

Features and offers

In this part of the guide, we’ll discuss some of the critical features and offers this incredible hosting comes with.

Domain Registration

Yes, Domain registration is also available with this hosting. Coming with this outstanding feature, Always Web Hosting does a stunning job at decreasing the messy work of going to different sites for each separate service.

With domain registration from Always Web Hosting, you’re also getting quality hosting advantages without going back and forth to hire other hosting services and minimize the chore down to a minimum.

Web Security

Web security is regarded as a matter of extreme importance for Always Web Hosting. They try to provide each user with an enhanced security system to protect their personal information.

Further, they have also banned spamming to improve the user experience.

Moreover, they also have a highly secure and properly firewalled server atmosphere which improves the entire security protocols to a certain extent.

Data Backups

You’d always want the site data to be backed up by the hosting. This is a service that is a must for any user. In any hacking or data theft, web hosting authority can provide the user with backups of their precious data.

Well, here with Always Web Hosting, you’re getting the information backed up in 4 different backup locations. All the data centers are located in the United States; locations include Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Fremont.

This outstanding data management system is highly protected with staffed security for enhanced data security both online and physically.

Cpanel Integration 

Cpanel integration is one of the top requirements for many users today. Without cPanel it can get difficult for a large customer base. Good news for them that it’s also available with Always Web Hosting services.

Those who have a long cPanel use and have grown a dependency upon it would find it extremely helpful.

With cPanel integration the users would have an easier interface that lets you design the site as the users desire without learning to use complicated coding.

Refund Policy

Another crucial factor regarding any web hosting service is its refund policy. When you’re ready to go for online spending, the investments can raise up to a certain degree that requires security. That’s why Always Web Hosting, like most other service platforms such as AccuWeb Hosting and Cloudways, offers a 30 days money-back guarantee!

As this refund policy is in place, you shouldn’t be worried much, and if anything goes catastrophically wrong within this period, you’re getting the investment back!

Plans and Pricing 

If you’re interested in Always Web Hosting after going through much of their strengths, here is a plan and pricing table for you. Select the option that sounds the most befitting for you.

Plan Name

Price (Monthly)

Refund Policy


Added Offers



30 Days


100Gb Bandwidth, 100 email accounts, PHP,cPanel, Softaculous



30 Days


150Gb Bandwidth, Unlimited Email Accounts, PHP,cPanel, Softaculous



30 Days


250G Bandwidth, Unlimited email,

PHP,cPanel, Softaculous

Free Bonuses

The users will get tons and tons of free bonus offers added with the offers. Here are the following offers you’re getting:

  • PHP integration service offered free of cost
  • Free cPanel integration is available for all the plans no matter if it’s Bronze or Platinum
  • All the plans comes with free Softaculous add on
  • Users will get fully compensated monthly charge in the event of too much downtime


Pros and Cons

Let’s look at some of the strengths it has to offer and some of the drawbacks you can consider before subscribing. 


  • Comes with exceptional uptime with compensation guarantee on excess downtime
  • Each plan comes loaded with tons of added free bonuses
  • Highly secured four different data centers across the states
  • Provides standard online security


  • The customer support system could have been improved


Here’s our complete ratings for the host:







Customer Support


Web Security


Data Backups


Refund Policy


Overall Thought 

Well, each hosting service provider has to get a lot of things under control. Web hosting comes with loads of responsibilities, from on-site performance to uptime, web security, and customer support. And similar to any services, it’s common for them to lack in one or two areas while offering desired support on the chief elements.

We’ve attempted to analyze Always Web Hosting based on their own statements and going through Always web hosting review and user experiences to give you a thorough understanding of them and learn whether to go ahead or not.

Through our rigorous examination, we learned that web hosting comes with many of the features that present-day hosting services provide. And based on their level of potential performance and experience, they should be a quality hosting you can go for now!

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