Reliable or Not? Critical Analysis on the AvaHost Reviews Answers!

Hosting services need to provide their users with 24/7, non-stop, professional-grade online assistance, and thus, they require intense workflow management, which may complicate their operations. Knowing these challenges are involved, a user needs to trust their service provider with everything and believe that their desired outcomes will be obtained. In today’s guide, we’ll look through a number of AvaHost reviews and offer you an extensive outlook on this hosting.

With time, the issue of hosting services has become integral to success on the internet. Most of the businesses operating in the web world are reliant on one or more hosting providers for their services.

That’s why choosing the right host is crucial!

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AvaHost Reviews 2021

AvaHost is among some of the names you may have encountered on the internet or through other people. If you don’t know much about them, here we’ll be providing you with exclusive information that’d help you understand the organization better. Let’s look them up!


Farm history is one of the key determiners in terms of understanding how effective and reliable they are.

So, when you’re judging our today’s web hosting, AvaHost, by using this method, you’d get a surprising result.

AvaHost is among the earlier generations of Web Hosting Service Providers. Starting way back in 2001, this incredible organization has an experience pool of over 19 years, which is astounding!

Not only do they offer services to English-speaking countries, but they also have an established Russian customer base while offering a separate site for the Russian speakers as well!

Based on their background AvaHost comes as a highly professional site you can trust anytime!


Let’s talk about the performance of this incredible hosting. Much of the hosting skills of the hosting depends on the server hardware. Anyone with an in-depth understanding of the related factors would agree that a perfectly built server hardware setup would greatly enhance the user experience to a certain extent.

Well, AvaHost comes with enterprise-grade top Dual Quad-Core Xeon processing. These are top-class Intel processors specially designed for powering up workstations to their limit.

With this incredible spec, you can only expect faster processing and loading time and reduced lags and freezes.

On top of that, the servers come equipped with highly sophisticated SSD drives accompanied by RAID-10 class storage systems.

Combining all these professional-grade hardware setups, you should be getting smooth and flawless performance output for the sites!


Uptime, being another critical factor, is a matter of introspection in our guide. Without a dependable Uptime your sites would be rendered useless and lose it’s credibility to a certain extent.

Well, in terms of uptime, AvaHost is providing you a 99% uptime guarantee.

It’s a formal guarantee scheme that shows their level of commitment to the claim of 99% uptime.

If you get a lower than 99% on average uptime, AvaHost will return the monthly charge for that month. Plus, the hot-swap capabilities involving the drive and storage system would also ensure that a drive failure causes no downtime.

Overall, the uptime issue sounds completely under control for this provider!

Customer Support 

Well, here is a side issue that many of the hosts tend to miss out on. But that’s not the case with AvaHost! Because they have an intricate customer support mechanism involved, which would satisfy the users’ data needs.

Unlike the single constant mechanism of the Always Web Hosting , they offer four different methods to avail customer support.

You can get them through direct mailing, plus they have a live chat which you can use to contact them for a quick response.

Plus, you’re also free to use an online ticketing service along with telephones.

This extraordinary organization of sophisticated customer reaching portals would certainly satisfy the query requirements of the customers and keep them updated with the latest information whenever required.

Features and Offers

Let’s quickly look at some of the key features and offers you’re going to get with this provider.  

Domain Registration

Domain registration is among the many features it comes equipped with. It’s a full-on domain registration portal that offers the twenty most used domain zones like.COM, .Net,.US, .Info and so on.

Because having the domain registration feature helps you minimize the trouble of going to other sites for hosting.

Despite the added benefits and minimized chores, if you still want to switch to other hosting providers, you’re always free to choose as they don’t limit the hosting only to them.

Web Security 

Especially in this day and age of online financial and personal information transactions, security becomes one of the major concerns. People who have an established business set up online are under constant threat through different internet attacks.


In terms of security, they’re offering free SSL certificates for all the customers. This added SSL would generate an encrypted connection between your site and the user’s browser, which would result in a secure connection that protects the privacy of both parties!

Further, the green mark on the top left would also improve the validity of your site and increase its’ reputation among the users.

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Data Backups

Coming with extraordinary data backup schemes, this provider should be a good idea for those who love to have a large amount of web information backed up. Because unlike the previous providers we talked about, Accu Web Hosting and Always Web Hosting, this one comes with exceptional data backup offers.

The Starter pack itself starts with 20 GB backup storage, reaching up to 80Gb for advanced users.

Having servers at four different locations, you can trust them with the data backups.

The spots include Charlotte-USA, Moscow-Russia, Kyiv- Ukraine and London-UK.

Cpanel Integration

Cpanel integration is also available with AvaHost subscriptions. As we already explained, CPanel would offer a lending hand to get all the site management issues in order.

Moreover, using CPanel would cut down extra workload, so you get more time doing productive activities instead.

Refund Policy 

Here is the difference maker! Why are we using such terminologies here? Well, the AvaHost comes with a pretty unique refund policy that’s exceptionally rare in the industry.

AvaHost provides their users with an unbelievable 60 days refund policy which is pretty incredible.

This money-back guarantee policy would provide the customers with a return of their fees if they’re not happy with the provided services within a period of 60 days.

One-Click Installation 

Another positive part of this provider is that they come with a stunning one-click installation benefit. The provider comes with an incredible WordPress integration facility that helps the user to get the website visuals and themes installed within minutes and in only one click.

Unlike the other platforms, WordPress highly formalized the entire site development and design issues and makes it extraordinarily simple and a lot less time-consuming for the users.

Plans and Pricing 

If you’re already hooked on their performance and other critical benefits, it’s better to learn about the different plans they offer and the cost behind each one of them.

AvaHost features four different plans for their users, starting from Small to Premium. Let’s explore each one of them.

Plan Name

Price (Monthly)

Refund Policy


Added Offers



60 Days

10 gb

Unlimited traffic, 5 accounts, 20 subdomains,Free Domain Name



60 Days

50 Gb

Unlimited traffic, 10 accounts, 50 subdomains,Free Domain Name



60 Days


Unlimited traffic, 50 accounts, 500 subdomains,Free Domain Name, Website Builders



60 Days


Unlimited traffic, 200 accounts, Unlimited subdomains,Free Domain Name, Website Builders

Free Bonuses

Well, if you look at the free bonuses options, you’d be amazed to see the level of offerings they have in place. Traffic is unlimited with any of the plans. On top of that, you’re also getting a free domain name irrespective of the plan you’re subscribing to.

So, in terms of offering free bonuses, AvaHost isn’t pretty lavish!

Pros and Cons 

We’re almost at the edge of our finish line in the long and detailed guide. Here we’d be presenting you with some of the strengths and several drawbacks so that you can make a balanced decision based on the findings.


  • Highly specialized professional-grade Intel Xeon processor and SSD drives for a stunning performance
  • Quality uptime support with compensation if downtime occurs
  • Various methods of customer support help customers reach the providers easily
  • Exceptional 60 days refund policy makes it unique from the rest of the providers
  • Unbelievable unlimited storage with Premium subscriptions


  • Uptime guarantee percentage could’ve been increased
  • Doesn’t offer Content Delivery Network (CDN) is present

Overall Ratings 

Here are the overall ratings you can use to make better judgments.







Customer Support


Web Security


Data Backups


Refund Policy


Overall Thought

So, throughout our highly informative guide, we tried to go through various aspects that can help anyone understand a hosting provider in the most knowledgeable manner possible.

We’ve collected extensive information based on AvaHost reviews as well as their official data. Our analysis was done on almost all the hosting provider features, including Uptime, Refund policies, Customer support, and Data Backup.

Our synopsis of data based on their own statements and reviewers concludes that the hosting provider performs pretty decently on almost all the areas, which will give you an overall site efficiency.

Despite the minor downsides, you should be able to get the desired work done without many difficulties and facing challenges. So, get your subscription today and boost site competency to a whole new level right now!

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