Analytic Outline of the CloudWays Hosting Reviews- Learn it to Earn It

Our thorough examination reports on the hosting providers continue, and this time we’d be talking about the CloudWays Hosting review and how it can transform your online experience.

Each provider comes with its own unique ways of functioning and benefits. That’s why the users must learn about those distinct qualities each provider comes equipped with.

Upon learning about the website hosting organizations, you’d be equipped with a deep knowledge base to understand not only the site we’re going to talk about today, but also any hosting provider and whether they can be trusted with.

Cloudways Hosting Review

In this guide today, like the previous ones, we’d be talking about different areas of CloudWays Hosting’s expertise so you get to make quick and valid decisions.

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As we previously discussed, learning the history of an organization is one of the most effective ways to understand whether you should trust your site and investments with them or not.

Well, the hosting providers were founded by three individuals. Uzair Gadit, Aaqib Gadit and Pere Hospital. Headquartered in Malta, CloudWays have multiple offices in Dubai and Spain.

With over 30 plus employees and customers from forty-three different nationalities, they helped start over twelve thousand servers and more than 25k web apps, which is a remarkable profile anyone can trust.

Cloudways WordPress Hosting 


Just like always, at the 2nd spot, we’d now look at the performance-related issues.

There you have tons and tons of elements to take away. First, the thing that CloudWays uses CDN or Content Development Network systems would impressively enhance the speed of your site.

If you own online stores, running them would be smoother with Cloudways hosting.

Frequent crashes are another issue that many online store owners fear. But with their distinct Auto-Healing feature on, the issues get fixed faster, increasing crash-free site potentiality to a certain extent.


Getting undisrupted browsing is something that all site owners would want.

In terms of uptime, too, you’re also getting a stunner performance. Cloudways has come to terms with the industry-leading Rackspace. You’d get guaranteed uptime at just $1 with Cloudways.

Customer Support 

The customer support team of Cloudways is there to answer your questions! You have three different contracting methods to try.

You can request a phone call on Skype.

Further, the users can also email the sales or billing team. And they’ve provided a phone number too so you can reach them directly in case of any emergencies.

As there are lots of portals open for gathering information and asking them for any related data, the customer support system sounds pretty effective on the whole!

Features and Offers 

To learn about Cloudways, you should know the actual features and offers they have in store for you! Let’s check them out fast.

Domain Registration 

It’s always better to have the domain registered by your hosting provider. Makes work simpler as you get everything together. But unfortunately, Cloudways doesn’t have a domain registration feature.

You can only use the hosting for domains you’ve registered from elsewhere.

Web Security 

Here is where we discuss the strength of Cloudways. Usually, cloud hosts like Cloudways provide their subscribers with stricter security output than the regular hosts.

Cloudways has an array of security measures in place to safeguard your site.

Such as their two-factor authentication system. It adds a new layer of protection against potential attackers.

They also have a white list log of IP addresses that lets you get access to your server.

The cloud system comes firewalled using the WordPress Click and Go platform too.

Moreover, you also have special Cloudways security technicians who employ their SHT or Scerutiy Hardening Techniques that help keep the sites safe from attackers.

Regular security patches also improve the quality of protection.

To tie all these together, you’d find the security systems of this host are just incredible!

Data Backups 

Yes, they also have data backups. Cloudways comes equipped with an automated data backup system. You can schedule this system to back your data by the server itself every day, to a maximum period of one week.

Plus, you have the manual data backup in place too. So, any user can get his data backed up at any given moment he wants.

In terms of data backup storage, you get a large variety of space adjustments for meeting personal demands correctly.

The storage capacity begins with 25GB at a minimum and can reach up to a staggering 160Gb.

Cpanel Integration

You’re not getting with this host because of the Cpanel integration, which can seem frustrating for the users. Especially dependent upon this particular service, it would find it extremely difficult to work flawlessly without its support.

So, before you make a decision, keep this issue in mind!

Refund Policy 

The refund policy with this host is a bit complicated. Unlike Always Web Hosting that offers a clean 60 days money-back guarantee, or AccuWeb Hostingwhich provides a 30 days refund policy, Couldways has a refund request system. This refund request can be made within 90 days after purchasing a service. The user won’t be refunded for the already-obtained services.

However, all their services, from small to premium, can be used free of cost for a certain period so you can check whether their services fit your needs, which is pretty incredible since you’re getting the opportunity to see whether their services work right for you without purchasing the entire subscription!

One-Click Installation 

The good news for WordPress users is that Cloudways is especially centered around giving you the best WordPress experience. Their services are designed to give you better and smoother one-click installation facilities, which very few hosts can offer.

Plans and Pricing 

Here are the plans and pricing Cloudways is offering. Let’s have a brief look at the table to get a full view of the offers easily. They have a numerous list; here we’re mentioning some of the most popular ones.


Plan Name Price (Monthly) Refund Policy Storage Added Offers
DO1tb $10 Refund Upon Request Within 3 Months 1tb Free SSL, CDN, Free Migration, Firewalls, Real time monitoring
DO4tb $42 Refund Upon Request Within 3 Months 4tb Advanced Cache Optimization, Free SSL, CDN, Free Migration, Firewalls, Real time monitoring
DO2tb $22 Refund Upon Request Within 3 Months 2tb Unlimited Installation of Apps, Advanced Cache Optimization, Free SSL, CDN, Free Migration, Firewalls, Real time monitoring
DO5tb $80 Refund Upon Request Within 3 Months 5tb Unlimited Installation of Apps, Advanced Cache OptimizationAdvanced Cache Optimization, Free SSL, CDN, Free Migration, Firewalls, Real time monitoring

Free Bonuses

If you’re talking about free bonuses, then Cloudways is the name to go for. They offer a variety of different free bonuses and offers.

First, each of the packages is free to begin and test with. You won’t have to pay for the entire subscription while beginning the journey. After a period, as you get to know the hosts better, you can go in for the payment or withdraw if not satisfied completely without paying a penny.

On top of that, you’re also showered with an array of different free offers such as Free SSL to enhance the security of your server, which also protects the users’ privacy and brings in the sense of authenticity and better reputation.

The free migration lets you get your domain transferred to Cloudways from another host without any charge whatsoever.

Loaded with tons of free features, the users should often leave happy with their services.

Pros and Cons 

In this particular section, we’d be talking about some of the unique positive features that Cloudways comes with while also focusing on some of its limitations for a complete view.


  • Content Development Network and Auto Healing feature improves user performance
  • Sophisticated security systems offer stunning protection
  • Comes with an exceptional maximum 160Gb storage capability
  • Lucrative free offers like SSL, Migration, Free trial period makes it highly attractive for the users


  •  A complicated refund policy can turn down the potential customers
  • Doesn’t have a domain registration option enabled, making the process complicated

Overall Rating 

Here is the overall rating for Cloudways hosting.

Criteria Ratings
Performance 4.3
Uptime 4.2
Customer Support 4.5
Web Security 4.6
Data Backups 4.8
Refund Policy 4.0

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Overall Thought 

To sum up, our guide has touched upon almost all the criteria required to be examined to decide which one is a more competent host to begin with.

In our critical guide, we’ve gone through various Cloudways hosting reviews and their personal announcements to give you a more complete and clearer understanding of the host.

When you consider all the aspects we talked about, it will help you decide whether to go in with them or not.

On the whole, Cloudways Hosting is a highly familiar figure on the internet. You’d get user reviews at some of the most decent and dependable host review platforms out there, and they’re mostly positive too!

So, what are you waiting for? Get on the free subscription and check out if they are worth the investment!

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