Test the Basic Hosting Experience- Our Synopsis of the Epowhost Review 

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Epowhost Review

Getting to know a host server is highly crucial before you choose them to host your website. There are tons of different aspects that need to be cleared up before even moving ahead with your decision. That’s why in our comprehensive synopsis of the cherry servers review, we’ll be talking about some of the core criteria that you should be examining while getting the subscription. 

It’s an extremely vital factor to remember that each hosting provider has its own share of strengths and flaws. Therefore, you should learn about all the crucial elements surrounding the host to get a more complete understanding. 

Epowhost Review 

In our highly detailed guide, you’d get a comprehensive discussion on each of the segments regarding Epowhost. Let’s find out what they have to offer and whether you should work with them. 


Just like any other organizations, hosting platforms too are often judged by their historical records. If they have a rich history with a long array of experience, then it’s more likely that the users will trust them. And if they have a comparatively lesser expertise in the field the level of trust won’t be at the same level. 

Starting their journey way back in 2003, the organization has over 16 years of valid experience in the field which itself should be an exceptional achievement to consider ePowhost a credible provider.

They started providing support for personal websites on a smaller scale. But as they aged, they got better in their activities and now they offer full scale hosting support! 


As we have talked about the history of the organization, now it’s our turn to discuss how the ePowHost would perform. Performance, being the most important criteria to determine whether a host is okay to be used or not, you must judge them based on this particular criteria. 

In terms of user experience, the performance would receive mixed feedback. But if you’re someone who is looking for top-grade performance or setting up business websites, then it may not be the best option to go for. For extremely cost effective personal blogging, this would be the best pick! 


Uptime is perhaps the most important factor especially when you’re using the host for business related activities. If your site’s down for some time, you’d lose a fair share of customers and it’d also affect your reputation too.

That’s why it can be a challenge for a business site to be using this host. Disruptions in the uptime can occur during the use. Despite the issues, they have a stunning offer in place. They’re offering a guaranteed 99% uptime and failing to meet that  would result in a return of your monthly charge. So, that’s a lucrative offer if they’re seriously committed to their claims. 

Customer Support 

Customer support is the backbone of any organization. If the customer engagement is being done correctly, users would surely lose all their trust in that organization. That’s why we discuss this issue with an intense emphasis on it. 

Well, as a user it can be a bit difficult to deal with this department of the platform. First of all, they don’t have any customer service department to contact. On top of that, mailing them would take an awful long time to respond. So, on the whole, the user experience of this particular segment may not be that comforting. 

Features and Offers 

Let’s discuss some of the key offers they have in place. 

Domain Registration

Well, domain registration is something every site owner wants their hosting provider to have. Users want to utilize one reliable organization to manage all their businesses as it minimizes a lot of troubles and let’s them focus on more productive activities. 

And that’s exactly what ePowHost is here to offer. Beside the hosting solutions they have a domain registration feature on, which would let you purchase new domains and use their hosting with ease! 

Web Security 

Web security has been a matter of immense importance both to the hosting and to the user. You’d always want a hosting that guarantees the security of your business and online resources. That’s perhaps why ePowHost comes with exceptional security parameters in place. 

They’re using the payment mechanism through 2CheckOut which is affiliated with the Better Business Bureau for extended security. Plus, their payment system is also verified by the Visa Program. Your card information isn’t stored or shared with any third party organizations either. 

On top of that, they also have an Anti spam and Anti virus setting included with their subscriptions. 

So, looking over the security matters, this looks like a reliable organization which should offer better safety and can be recommended for the security-obsessed individuals. 

Data Backups

Data backups make it a lot more convenient for the users especially in times of emergencies. If in any case, you happen to delete the data of your site accidentally, the data backup system would be able to retrieve the lost information. 

Interestingly you’d get a minimum 300gb of unlimited hosting storage which would allow you stunning data backup capabilities for time to come! 

Moreover, the free nightly backup mechanism is present with all their plans which would offer an incredible safety in case you happen to lose the uploaded data.

This one too is a highly recommended area, for individuals who forgets to back their data up from time to time. Epowhost would provide them with automated backup if the data gets deleted somehow.

cPanel Integration 

Another important criteria that many users would use is the Control Panel integration. Many are dependent upon it and would make their decisions based upon cPanel’s availability. 

Well, Epowhost does come with cPanel integration but they’re offering you a demo version to get the work done. 

Refund Policy

Almost all the hosting platforms come with a certain type of refund policy. It’s these refund policies that makes the users trust the organization and lures them in with attractive offers in case they want to pull out because of poor performance. 

Epowhost follows their industry peers too and have put in place a refund policy for its’ customers. Just like Hoopla, their refund policy includes the textbook example of a 30 day money back guarantee too. So if you’re not happy with their way of working, you can ask for the money back within a 30 days period which is pretty incredible. 

This sort of refund policy is decent for the starters. So we suggest the newcomers to try this one out since the refund is there if things don’t work according to your plan!

Plans and Pricing

If you’re ready to go ahead with their subscription, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. 

EpowHost Plans and Pricing 

Just like any other hosting platforms, Epowhost too has a number of plans. Let’s quickly look at their EpowHost Review table 


Plan Name Price  Storage Added Offers
Standard  Check Today’s Price  300GB 3Tb monthly traffic, 100 email accounts, 20 mailing lists, Spam and virus protection, Customizable error pages and Fantastico 
PRO  Check Today’s Price  Unlimited  Unlimited traffic, email accounts and mailing lists, spam and virus protection, PHP, Customizable error pages

Free Bonuses 

Each hosting provider comes with it’s own unique free bonus offers. Let’s find out what free bonuses Epowhost has to provide.

  • Comes with a free domain 
  • Free Fantastico integration
  • Free cPanel demo 
  • Nightly backups 
  • Hotlink protection doesn’t let the images on your site be used by others
  • DreamWaver support 
  • Dedicated IP 


  • Comes with quality data back up storage and nightly backup system for extended data safety 
  • Includes different security parameters to offer payment and browsing safety for the users 
  • cPanel Demo version for the users who are accustomed to it
  • Quality 30 days money back guarantee offers a better safety net 


  • Customer support needs improvement 
  • Downtime can occur 

Overall Rating 

Criteria Ratings
Performance  4.0
Uptime  3.9
Customer Support  3.6
Web Security  4.2
Data Backups 4.5
Refund Policy  4.6

Overall Thought 

After much long discussion on Epowhost we have come to the concluding part of our guide. In the detailed discourse we’ve analyzed various aspects of the platform using an array of different Epowhis reviews summarization. And after careful collection of data our extended study found some of the detereming results which have been presented explicitly. 

Epowhost in its entirety is a mid-ranged host provider and coming with the basic services this can be a starter host service you can try. Although it may not be the most business-friendly host because of the lack of customer feedback and frequent downtime, it can still offer a decent personal blogging experience. 

As it offers some of the most cost-efficient plans with 30 days money back guarantee you can surely try this one out right now!

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