A Rapid Run-Through on the GlowHost Reviews! Should You Go for It?

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glowhost reviews

Finally, in our long discussion of understanding hosting platforms, we have GlowHost at the concluding part. Today, we’ll provide you with a sophisticated synopsis of the GlowHost Reviews, their own offerings and other related factors that can give you intellectual assistance based on which decisions can be made. 

Before making a business move, it’s highly crucial that you understand the surroundings thoroughly. 

Learning every single bit of thing about the host is, thus, extremely vital in case you want success in the online world. Hosts are the foundation on which you build your business. And that’s why choosing the right hosting platform is one of the key requirements for a successful personal or business campaign.

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Glowhost Reviews

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Here in our guide, we’ll give you a step-by-step narrative summarizing various user experiences and other crucial information. As a result, you’d get a complete picture to make your decision.


How do you judge a professional? Well, the first thing that’d come to mind of any sensible individual is experience. He/she will try to figure out whether that professional has a proper grounding and education on the field. The rule is pretty much the same with Web Hosting too. That’s why we have the history part included in each of our guides. 

Headquartered in Stuart, Florida, USA, this hosting platform is among the earlier generations hosting providers. Starting way back in 2002, they have vast experience of over 18 years! Which is pretty amazing and makes it a lot more dependable as anyone would guess they do possess the understanding in terms of how hosting works on the whole. 

Rewarded with various awards for their success in the field, the background of this organization looks pretty solid for the users. 


Performance is one of the top areas of consideration in terms of understanding a hosting provider. And it’s no different here. 

If faster speed is something you’d love to enjoy, GlowHost can certainly be worth a try. Most users would love to browse a site that takes less time to load, and you, too, would want to have such features on your site. And that’s exactly what GlowHost comes to provide their users with. Getting faster and smoother performance, visitors would love to surf on your site!


Uptime is yet another criteria that, as a user, you should consider highly. Getting the site running is one of the most serious requirements that should be possessed to get the desired success. 

GlowHost professes to maintain a 100% Uptime, which is sort of unbelievable. 

Because each hosting would need some time for routine maintenance and other issues, studies found that you’re supposed to get over a 95% uptime taking in downtime and other similar issues, which doesn’t sound bad and should meet the needs any day.

Customer Support

Customer support, as we explained, is one of the founding blocks that can make or break customer satisfaction. Customer retention is one of the key outcomes of decent customer support too. 

And that’s what you get here. One of the best parts of this incredible platform is you’re most likely to get a satisfactory customer support experience. It’s the most positively discussed factor about GlowHost, and this is something you can trust with them. 

They’re offering you an astounding four levels of direct and indirect communication and data collection possibilities. The indirect approaches include their vast knowledge base where you can get the desired information and the integrated forum where you’d be able to find peoples’ threads on the topic you want to learn. 

On the other hand, you can contact them directly on the phone or via ticket too. This incredible arrangement of customer support lets the user feel comfortable while gathering any useful information.

glowhost hosting plans

Features and Offers

Here we’d like to present you with some of the Features and Offers GlowHost comes with. Let’s look at some of them. 

Domain Registration 

As we already discussed, having the domain registration feature on with the hosting platform is an advantage you’d want to have

And the good news about GlowHost is, like most of the platforms we talked about, such as Always Web Hosting and eUKhost, that they too have a domain registration feature. 

As a result, it’d ease up your operation and make you productive as you focus on the more important factors. 

Web Security 

Just like having domain registration, web security is another highly crucial matter of consideration. 

GlowHost focuses highly on spamming issues. Spamming has always been a serious issue, and excessive spamming can disrupt the natural workflow of your site. That’s why GlowHost comes with a unique SpamExperts program, which would automatically quarantine spam. 

On top of that, it’d also work as an anti-virus preventing harmful malware and viruses from entering your network and keeping all the activities safer and more reliable. 

Furthermore, they also have the Sucuri Malware Protection to keep your resources safe from hacking. Recently, the trend of hacking has been on the rise. Large Scale hacking is stealing extremely crucial information, which can be devastating for any business or online store. 

But the GlowHosts’ Sucuri Malware Protection service would offer the first line of defense against hacking too. 

Data Backups 

Having the data backed up saves you from tons of troubles. They store the information, so you don’t suffer from a serious panic attack if you get hacked or mistakenly delete the information on the site. 

The good thing about GlowHost is that it comes with an unbelievable data backup scheme. You’re getting a free data backup restoration feature whether you want it on a weekly or daily basis.

So, you don’t have to worry about losing the information all of a sudden as you can easily restore to the last point without any issues. 

cPanel Integration 

 As we mentioned in the previous guides, cPanel integration helps a large customer base to get their sites to manage the way they want. And sometimes, many hosts fail to offer this feature, resulting in utter frustration for the users. But that’s not going to happen here. Because GlowHost comes with a cPanel integration 

GlowHost offers a uniquely structured cPanel feature that comes with many more add-ons and features that you may not find with other hosts’ cPanel add-ons. 

Refund Policy 

Having a credible refund policy is one of the most important factors you should consider before moving with a plan. In the case of the policy, it outweighs all the hosts we talked about; even the unbelievable 60 days refund offered by AvaHost, is surpassed by an astounding 91-day money-back guarantee. 

Coming with an incredible 91-day refund policy, it makes one of the safe havens where you can get-go and try your domain.

If things go smoothly, you can continue with them. If not, you have the opening to back away within the long three-month period, which is pretty outstanding. 

One-Click Installation 

Who doesn’t love a hassle-free user experience? With WordPress, things are a lot more uncomplicated than other platforms. They make it easy to design and put out your content unlike any other platforms currently existing. It’s also the most popular place for publishing website content with easy-to-use themes and personalized customization options. 

That’s why GlowHost keeps the WordPress integration option available for all its users. Now you can feel the utmost convenience of WordPress with any of GlowHost’s plans. 

Plans and Pricing

Plan Name

Price (Monthly) 

Refund Policy


Added Offers


Single Domain

91 Days 


Single domain,Free McAfee, Free SEO Tools, Basic Solo Launch, PHP and Python

Unlimited Multi Domain

91 Days 


Unlimited domain,

Free McAfee, Free SSL, Free SEO Tools, Basic Solo Launch, PHP and Python

Personal Hosting 

91 Days 


Unlimited domain,

Free McAfee, Free SSL, Free SEO Tools, Pro Solo Launch, PHP and Python

Professional Hosting

91 Days 


Unlimited domain,

Free McAfee, Free SSL, Free SEO Tools, Pro Solo Launch, PHP and Python

Here is the list of GlowHost’s different plans and the price that you’d have to spend for each one.

Free Bonuses 

Each host tries to offer their users an array of free bonuses to keep them involved and interested, and GlowHost is no different either. Here is the list of free bonuses you’re getting! 

  • Offers free SSL for extended security while gaining customer trust. 
  • Each offer comes with free SSL encrypted email possibilities 
  • Free McAfee Secure subscription is added with all the plans 
  • SoloLaunch both Basic and Pro versions are added with each plan free of charge 

Pros and Cons 

Here are some of the strengths and weaknesses of this incredible host you can consider


  • Comes with out-of-the-world free offers 
  • Provides an unbelievable 91-day money-back guarantee 
  • Incredible customer support services help users gather desired data faster 
  • cPanel and WordPress makes it easier for the users to plan and design their site the way they want 
  • Offers an outstanding automatic weekly and daily data backup system that protects from the sudden loss of data


  • Live chat isn’t included on the main page 

Overall Rating 

Here are our rating on the GlowHost platform: 

Criteria Ratings
Performance  4.4
Uptime  4.3
Customer Support  4.2
Web Security  4.3
Data Backups 4.6
Refund Policy  4.5

Overall Thought

Based on the thorough study on many user experiences, GlowHost reviews and their own declarations, our guide has finally come up with the conclusion and presented our take on the platform in a highly organized manner from its performance to refund policy. 

Upon looking at the different areas of its functions, we found it a decent and reliable hosting service provider. It can have minor drawbacks and issues, which we’d suggest you discuss with their customer support before attaining any subscription to clear out any confusion. 

But, on the whole, this provider with quality performance and stability is something you can go ahead with. So, what are you waiting for? Find your host and start rolling before it’s’ too late!

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