A Platform You Can Trust -Brief Summary of Hoopla Hosting Reviews

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Hoopla Hosting Reviews

Now, we have another hosting platform on our list to talk about. This time it’s the Hoopla Host services. Our highly inclusive synopsis of the Hoopla hosting reviews would offer you a clean and straightforward understanding regarding the site and whether you should be going ahead with them or not. 

Each organization comes with multiple points of offerings and bonuses. On the other hand, each has its own ways of charging its users. It’s our job to find out if you’ll be getting the return on your investments. 

Hoopla Hosting Reviews 

Like the other guides, in this one, we’ll also be talking about the various aspects of the hosting platform. Starting from its previous activities to the performance, uptime status, and different plans it has to offer. Finally, presenting you with the pros and cons, we’d provide a complete overview!


As a part of our guide, we will now talk about the previous Hoopla host activities, which have shaped today’s image and made what they’re right now. 

Hoopla Hosting started its journey ten years back in 2011. Their regular services include reseller hosting, web hosting, and VPS. They have a coordinated network of hardware plants across Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. 

Based on the authenticity and their presence in the hosting business, it’s safe to assume that they have the required expertise in the field of hosting a


Let’s come to the performance section as it’s the defining characteristics you’d want to witness before even thinking about investing in them. 

Well, Hoopla, as we said before, is a highly coordinated organization that resolves to keep their users happy, and to do that, they’ve used the simple technique of showing them how good they can perform in real life. 

Equipped with professional-grade equipment like Quad-Core Xeon Servers, Cloudflare, and SSD drives, you’re guaranteed to get optimum performance out of this giant. 

The list doesn’t end here, though; they’re also armed with the Railgun compression. This insane technology would double the performance output, surprising its’ users. 

The Zend Optimizer would amplify the PHP performance too, which will only make your users satisfied to the fullest. 

If you’re a large business or trying to open up an online store or interested in similar highly demanding online activities, Hoopla should indeed be a quality companion in this regard.

Compared to Epowhost, the performance of Hoopla is outstandingly better and more effective!


Uptime, as well as performance, is equally crucial. Because no amount of performance is worth it if the site remains down and utterly inaccessible to the users, that’s why Uptime carries a similar significance as the performance. 

Because of their authentic service and coordinated server effort, they’re offering you a 99.99% uptime guarantee, which is incredible. 

They can voice such claims due to their technologically advanced cloud infrastructure, which plays a massive role in advancing their functions. 

Customer Support 

As we mentioned earlier, customer support builds the base for any organization. It’s okay for small businesses to operate without a customer support team. Still, larger organizations such as full-scale hosting platforms with domain support must have adequately synchronized customer management strategies in place. 

They have a telephone number with which you can directly establish communication for urgent issues. On the other hand, if you think the problem is minor, you can relax and check the extensive knowledge base where they have provided answers to many technical questions. 

Moreover, you can also issue a ticket to contact their support executives. Based on all their incredible customer support backgrounds, it’s something we’d recommend to the users if they want an authentic customer experience. 

On the whole, the three-way data collection method would aid the users to a certain extent! 

Features and Offers

Hoopla Host is an authentic hosting provider that comes with tons and tons of different offers, which you can avail of directly from their website. Let’s look at some of them. 

Domain Registration 

As we always imply, having the domain registration on your hosting platform is an extra benefit. Plus, getting the domain registered with the hosting adds a sense of convenience.

And yes, like the Epowhost, Hoopla too, comes with the domain registration feature. So, you can register and host at the exact location without going back and forth. 

Web Security

Web security is no joke. When it comes to security, all the hosting platforms are serious, and there’s a strong reason why. Hacking attacks are pretty common nowadays; site information to credit data theft are common occurrences; that’s why Hoopla has an array of different security parameters set in their system. 

First of all, the information which you are providing this New Zealand-based company stays strictly confidential. But they may share some insignificant info while delivering you with third-party services. 

Plus, they have an SSL encrypted communication network, which adds an extra layer to the security. Much similar to the Always Web Hosting, they have many layers of security parameters installed, which would offer extended safety. 

On top of all these, the inclusion of an eWAY payment gateway would provide comprehensive security while making payments. 

If you’re looking for a tremendously secured, authentic hosting experience, Hoopla is undoubtedly a client we’d always recommend!

Data Backups

Data backup mechanism enhances and eases up the functions to a certain extent for the users. The data backup mechanism would allow the user to work flawlessly without complicating the processes too much. 

Interestingly, Hoopla comes with automated weekly and daily backup systems, which would offer you a worry-free using experience as all of your data is being backed up every minute. 

cPanel Integration 

Another aspect that the user looks for is the integration of cPanel. If your host comes equipped with cPanel availability, then it would come as a stunning advantage. 

Yes, Hoopla also offers cPanel, so those used to using Cpanel, won’t find it extremely useful! 

cPanel with Hoopla comes with a Softaculous installer, which makes it even easier. 

Refund Policy

Right now, we’ll be talking about how the refund system works with Hoopla. Refund policies are secured periods that you can use to monitor a platform’s services. And if you find them lacking in terms of offering the committed services, then it will give you the possibility to pull out with the money. 

Same as Epowhost and most other industry competitors, Hoopla offers a regular 30-day money-back guarantee. You can use this time to experiment. 


One-Click Installation 

WordPress provides outstanding one-click installation capabilities. And because of the ease of use, people love to have it to run their websites. Because of its user-friendliness, WordPress is liked by millions and is the most popular web hosting platform right now. So, without a doubt, a renowned hosting provider like Hoopla would have WordPress compatibility. Get the one-click installation convenience with Hoopla every time. 

Plans and Pricing 

Let’s check out some of the plans and pricing for Hoopla Hosting. 

Hoopla WordPress Web Hosting 

Here is a list of prices and plans for Hoopla WordPress Web Hosting Review. 

Plan Name Price  Storage Added Offers
Mini  Check today’s Price  1 gb 50 gb data usage, unlimited domains and emails addresses
Starter Check today’s Price  2gb  150gb storage, unlimited domain and email addresses  
Basic  Check today’s Price  5gb 200gb data usage, unlimited domain and email addresses


Check today’s Price  15 15gb storage 250 gb data usage, domain and email addresses


Hoopla Reseller Hosting 

We present you a small price chart for Hoopla Reseller Hosting Review. 

Plan Name Price  Storage Added Offers
Reseller 30 Check today’s Price  30 gb ssd 500 gb bandwidth, 30 gb ssd, 30 cPanel accounts
Reseller 60 Check today’s Price  60gb ssd 1 tb bandwidth storage, 60 cPanel accounts
Reseller 120 Check today’s Price  120 gb ssd  2tb bandwidth, 120 cPanel accounts
Reseller 250 Check today’s Price  250 gb ssd 5tb bandwidth, 250 cpanel accounts


Hoopla Business Web Hosting 

This small table presents pricing for Hoopla Business Web Hosting review

Plan Name Price  Storage Added Offers
Business 30 Check today’s Price  30 gb ssd 500 gb bandwidth, 30 gb ssd, shared IP
Business 60 Check today’s Price  60gb ssd 1.5 tb data transfer, CDN, shared IP
Business120 Check today’s Price  120 gb ssd  2tb data transfer, 120 Shared IP
Business250 Check today’s Price  250 gb ssd 5tb data transfer, Dedicated IP


Hoopla Australian Web Hosting 

Following is a chart on Hoopla Australian Web Hosting Review you can check:

Plan Name Price  Storage Added Offers
Mini  Check today’s Price  1 gb 50 gb data usage, unlimited domains and emails addresses
Starter Check today’s Price  2gb  150gb storage, unlimited domain and email addresses  
Basic  Check today’s Price  5gb 50gb data usage, unlimited domain and email addresses


Check today’s Price  15 150 gb data usage, domain and email addresses


Free Bonuses 

Let’s look at some of the free bonuses this hosting provider comes equipped with. 

  • Free SSL offers increased security 
  • Comes with cPanel integration
  • WHM access
  • Free backup potentials 
  • Free migration from another host to Hoopla 
  • A charge-free spam filtering mechanism offers extended security
  • LiteSpeed access granted 



  • Equipped with Xeon Servers, SSD Drives, and Railgun, Hoopla offers top-end performance for the users 
  • Provides a regular 30-day money-back guarantee which works as a safety net 
  • Comes with outstanding data backup mechanism and highly effective SSD storage 
  • Extended bandwidth helps improves user experience 
  • Top-notch customer support service 


  • Doesn’t offer any free domain 


Overall Ratings


Criteria Ratings
Performance  4.6
Uptime  4.5
Customer Support  4.3
Web Security  4.4
Data Backups 4.6
Refund Policy  4.5


Overall Thought 

After much investigation and examination, we have come to the final judgment of our long and detailed discussion on Hoopla. Our highly analyzed synopsis of the Hoopla hosting reviews finds it to be an open hosting web platform based in New Zealand. 

With a thorough experience in the field, Hoopla has earned a name for itself and is among the reputable organizations users can trust. 

Plus, in terms of performance and Uptime, it also has a pretty solid background with which very few platforms can compete. 

So, what are you waiting for then? Check out the plans and avail the one that suits you without any worries right now!

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