Taste the Genuine, Skip the Cheap | A Brief Guide to Host Color Reviews

Are you looking forward to starting an online business? Ready to get the web game going? Then, HostColor can undoubtedly meet your professional expectations pretty well. And checking our detailed synopsis of the Host Color reviews would provide you with a deeper insight into this incredible hosting platform.

Host Color Reviews 

Starting from its inception to every performance-related detail, our broadly encompassing guide will cover all the crucial factors that matter in terms of deciding which site to go for. Thus, the discussion can be used as a guideline for business judgments.

Host Color Reviews 

Here in the following sections, we’ll try to analyze each and every aspect of this outstanding hosting platform. We’ll present the numerous reasons why it’s a leading hosting provider; on the other hand, we’ll also demonstrate one or two downsides for a fuller understanding!


Before we begin our inspection of the site’s performance-related objectives, we’d like to check the background. Each organization must possess a minimum level of expertise in the field to be considered a reliable option. That’s why each of our guides has a history segment at the very first step.

In terms of brand history, this organization can compete with some of the seasoned hosting providers.

You’d be surprised to learn that this farm is perhaps the oldest on our list, surpassing even Hoopla, who has around ten years of experience in the field. HostColor’s primary journey started about 20 years back! Back then, they weren’t known as HostColor, but in 2002 they emerged as the HostColor as we know today. Since its creation, HostColor has managed tons of different hosting needs and performed countless IT operations satisfying thousands of users.

This rich and diverse company profile proves their authenticity, differentiating them from the cheap, anonymous, shady hosting providers.

That’s why if you’re serious about your endeavors and likely to invest a reasonable sum, then we’d undoubtedly recommend Host Color based on their excellent background! 


As we now have a clearer conception regarding the background of the farm, it’s now our turn to move to the performance section. It goes without saying that performance is the single most defining factor that makes you want to avail of their service. Let’s have a brief look into how Host Color would meet the user’s needs.

Equipped with potent cloud servers, HostColor should come with extended performance. Like the Hoopla, HostColor is also armed with Xeon processors, which should offer what any premium-grade hosting platforms do.

On top of that, coming with Enterprise-grade SSD Storage systems, your users should get the optimum feedback. Extended stability in the cPanel shared hosting offers results from their doubling of PHP memory limit.

With all these exceptional user-experience improving strengths, HostColor would undoubtedly be on our recommendation list if you’re sincere about getting the work done correctly. 


Now, another essential element that worries online entrepreneurs most is the issue of Uptime. If you have an online store, you’d want the site to be up all the time. Being down would send the wrong message, and the users won’t find it reliable to avail anything from you, causing you to lose potential customers.

But that’s not something you should be bothered about when HostColor covers you! Because their outstanding Cloud Infrastructure would offer your continuous server support, so there remains the slightest possibility of downtime.

Their AFT or Automated Fault Tolerance technology can reduce the potentiality of downtime to the minimum, which is why HostColor isn’t afraid of claiming a 100% SLA Uptime guarantee.

If you work in a highly competitive online world where there is no room for downtime, then this would be our recommendation. 

Customer Support

Like any other aspect regarding a hosting provider, their customer service is equally vital. Because the hosting providers get users from different countries, which makes them highly dependent upon online communication. A qualified customer support team becomes an extreme necessity in this regard.

This US-based organization comes with outstandingly performing support. You can contact them using all the methods, from live chat and issuing tickets to directly calling the US numbers and sending emails. This unbelievable availability of a variety of connecting ways and their stability in terms of offering credible customer support makes them undeniable for professional-grade users.

So, if you’re someone who likes to hear back from your host regularly, HostColor should be a potential place of investment anytime! 

Features and Offers 

Each hosting provider offers lucrative features and offers to garner support from its’ users. So let’s talk about how their plans and features work.

Domain Registration 

Along with all the essential hosting-related services, HostColor would let users register their desired host using their platform. Well, this add-on is a vital role-player that can improve the user experience to a certain extent.

Getting the desired Domain registered from the same client who’d provide the hosting for it would result in ultimate convenience and ease in work. It’d reduce the complacent down and let you invest the time in other, more productive tasks.

Web Security 

Web security is another serious concern of the professional-grade hosting provider. It’d provide your site with SSL certification, which would offer comprehensive security for both you and the users would be satisfied with.

You’d get an array of different levels of SSL, which makes it effortlessly easy for you to upgrade your security parameters based on your needs. From Domain Validated and Business Validated SSL to Quick SSL Premium and True Business ID SSL, you’re getting all within Host Color.


Data BackUps 

HostColor also comes with a stunning data backup mechanism. It is equipped with SAN, which provides automated data protection. So, whenever you suffer from any catastrophes, the data can be restored to its previous form anytime!

cPanel Integration 

Yes, if you’re a cPanel user, then that’s good news too. Because the premium hosting provider HostColor, also offers cPanel integrated plans. This would help the cPanel depend on users to a certain extent.

Refund Policy 

Like any other industry competitor, HostColor provides its users with a refund policy as well. But, unlike most of the hosting providers, HostColor comes with a slightly complicated refund policy. For the regular Web Hosting services and FMSA, you’re getting a 30 days money-back guarantee. But with Reseller and VPS, you’re getting 15-30 days money guarantee(make sure to talk to the support team)

With Dedicated servers and coalition hosting, you’re not offered any refund.

Well, that’s sort of complicated, but once you get things cleared out, it shouldn’t be a problem. It’s advised to speak with the support team if you want to attain a refund on general subscriptions for better clarity.

One-Click Installation 

WordPress is the most popular hosting platform globally and is always expected to be available no matter which hosting provider you use. And HostColor, too, keeping the users’ demand in mind, provides them with the one-click installation convenience. WordPress, one of the easiest and less time-consuming platforms to operate, would undoubtedly work smoothly with HostColor.

Plans and Pricing 

Let’s look at the array of different plans and pricing for this platform.

Host Color Managed Hosting Plans

Here is a brief look at the Host Color Managed Hosting Review table which will explain the different criteria in detail.

Plan Name Price Storage Added Offers
Managed Blog Check today’s Price 10 gb 1000 gb data transfer, PHP, Perl, Python 

unlimited domains and emails addresses

Managed CMS Check today’s Price 20gb 1000 gb data transfer, PHP, Perl, Python
Managed Social Check today’s Price 30gb 1000 gb data transfer, PHP, Perl, Python
Managed ECommerce Check today’s Price 40gb 2000 gb data transfer, PHP, Perl, Python
Managed Multi Check today’s Price 50gb 3000 gb data transfer, PHP, Perl, Python


Self Managed Hosting Plans

Let’s have another brief look at the Host Color Self Managed Hosting Review chart for a complete understanding.

Plan Name Price Storage Added Offers
WordPress Hosting Check today’s Price 10 gb 1000 gb data transfer, PHP, Perl, Python 

unlimited domains and emails addresses

CMS Hosting Check today’s Price 20gb 2000 gb data transfer, PHP, Perl, Python
Social Hosting Check today’s Price 30gb 3000 gb data transfer, PHP, Perl, Python
E-Commerce Hosting Check today’s Price 40gb 4000 gb data transfer, PHP, Perl, Python

Free Bonuses 

Here is a list of free bonuses HostColor offers:

  • Domain Validated SSL Certification offers safety and gains reliability
  • Free CDN improves the experience
  • cPanel integration available
  • PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby


  • Has around 20 years of valid expertise and technical know-how for exceptional hosting service
  • Xeon processors and Enterprise Grade SSD Drives offer Sophisticated performance
  • Equipped with quality security protocols for extended safety
  • Extended infrastructure helps achieve better Uptime


  • Live chat may take some time to process

Overall Rating 

Criteria Ratings
Performance 4.5
Uptime 4.4
Customer Support 4.2
Web Security 4.4
Data Backups 4.6
Refund Policy 4.3


Overall Thought 

Throughout the guide, you’ve witnessed our extensive pattern of research and analysis. Because of the severe amount of effort we’ve put in terms of collecting and summarizing the Host Color reviews, it was possible to present before you an intricately informative picture that would make the users understand it deeply.

From our detailed analysis, we’ve found the US-based organization to be highly authentic with exceptional performance while offering a range of plans for each specific type of user.

To offer our judgment, HostColor would suit the more professional type, business-oriented individuals more. It should provide the basic foundation on where you can build your business or online endeavors upon. So, if you’re starting the journey with high ambition, avail of the subscription and start dominating right now!

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