Are the Offers Legit? A Guide on the HostNed Web Hosting Reviews

HostNed Web Hosting Reviews

Before going ahead with any hosting subscription, it’s essential that you just don’t pick and choose, rather carefully examine each organization and then go for if that passes all the tests. Similarly, in our highly critical analysis of the HostNed Web Hosting Reviews, we would present a detailed view to assist in decision making.

Each hosting provider comes with its own share of flaws and strengths. Some are designed to offer first-class business solutions with exceptional performance and reliable uptime. On the other hand, other economic platforms can be cost-effective and suitable for simple personal blogging. Here we’d find out which particular purpose this hosting platform would serve.

HostNed Web Hosting Reviews 

To better analyze this platform, we have segmented our guide into different sections. Starting from history and performance to overall rating and our final judgement, our detailed guide will encompass all things!


The organizational background has always been a matter of grave importance. As history plays a vital part in the organization identity, you should never skip this particular part.

Despite its conception in the 1999s, the organization has recently started offering hosting services to its users.

Well, to start with HostNed. It’s relatively newer and doesn’t have the long experience pool like the other platforms mentioned previously.

Being a recently established organization, it may lack the extensive knowledge base of the older farm. Hence, working for higher-level business organizations can prove to be a challenge.

But for personal blogging and similar small-scale works, it should live up to the expectation, and that’s where it’s more recommended. 


Performance is yet another critically important factor that helps you decide. Given the performance outline, one gets to make sure whether he should move on with a particular hosting platform or not.

Well, in terms of HostNed’s performance, little can be drawn as they come up short in terms of clarifying the performance-related properties of their activities.

That being said, it’s implausible that an organization at a scale of this would be able to process online activities of larger, more business-oriented farms.

That’s why we’d like to recommend it for the new users for their little blogging needs, which it should provide. 



Getting an undisrupted uptime is a demand for anyone who owns a domain. Especially those who have an online business set up and need a continuous connection without any form of interruption. But to achieve such a feat requires tons of expertise and control, which is difficult to be maintained by smaller and less experienced hosting platforms.

And rightly so, HostNed doesn’t explicitly mention any of their uptime offerings. Almost all the low to high-end platforms say their uptime percentage, and many offer guarantees if they fail to maintain the mentioned percentage.

But in the case of HostNed, you’re not getting such guarantees. Which can be a warning sign for business-oriented users.

Customer Support 

Customer support builds the base for any top-end hosting platform. Each hosting provider gets orders from all around the globe. That’s why each should have a highly skilled customer support team that works around the clock to ensure customers’ information needs are being fulfilled.

In terms of support, HostNed seems to have different channels open for discussion. For instance, they have five contact methods that should be easy for the users to reach them in times of emergencies.

You can text or directly call them whenever needed. Apart from that, you can also mail for sales related information or queries.

On top of that, the live chat option will help you connect to a customer operative online.

So, coming with an array of different support connectivity options, the customer support for this organization seems pretty decent.


Features and Offers 

To understand a hosting platform better, one must look at the different features and offers it’s coming with. Here is a list of other criteria.

Domain Registrations

Everybody likes the domain registrations features while picking their favourite hosting. Having the domain registration feature on would help simplify the complicated tasks.

Well, to offer you such convenience, like many organizations such as HostNoc and Temok, HostNed too has its domain registration services, which helps you make the most of this platform.

Get the domains registered using their service and later use the same platform to host the registered site, adding ease to the whole operation.

Web Security 

Web security is another priority that should never be left untouched. One of the key features that any business would want to make sure of is the security parameters. If the platform’s security is decent, the possibilities of hacking and other malicious acts will remain minimal. Things would just be the opposite in case the security is not maintained.

Well, in terms of security, HostNed performs decently with SSL. They have SSL encryption installed, which gives a layer of safety for both you and the users.

HostNed also uses security firewall techniques to defend themselves from suspicious intrusions.

They also try to minimize the sharing of credit card information, passwords, and other sensitive data.

Combining all the factors mentioned above, HostNed provides pretty decent security measures which should assist a safe investment on the whole!

Data Backups 

Like the other criteria, backing the data up is another highly crucial factor. Because you can lose the data due to technical faults as well as personal mistakes too, in that case, the backup comes as a quality add on.

HostNed doesn’t explicitly talk about any automated data backing up mechanism. Yet, they’d offer unlimited web space to get the store with some premium offers. Which should be a quality add on.

cPanel Integration

If you’re someone who is accustomed to using cPanel over other platforms, then there’s good news! Because HostNed comes with full cPanel access.

This added cPanel integration would help the users to a great extent.

Refund Policy

A refund policy is one of those issues which helps the users to decide whether they should go ahead with a particular hosting provider or not. Most hosting providers come with the basic 30-day money-back guarantee policy like Epowhostwhich isn’t that bad.

But, HostNed comes with a surprise in this case. Coming with a 120 day long money-back guarantee, it’d only lure new customers to get their subscriptions.

This extended money-back guarantee means that the users have an unbelievably long time to claim the warranty. You can use this extended period to see how they perform in a detailed manner. If their services are up to the mark, then you can decide to stay with them. While if the services are not what you expected, you have plenty of time to back off and get your investment amount back.

So, because of the exceptional refund policy! You can get a clear idea of the platform and make your decisions wisely.

One-click Installation

Getting WordPress availability is one of the many things that a vast user would want to have. A large number of individuals are Used to work with the utter simplicity that comes with WordPress.

That’s why its one-click installation is sought after by everyone.

One good thing about HostNed is if you get quality WordPress support. Coming with quality WordPress integration, a large user base would love to have this stunning host around.

Plans and Pricing

It’s time to look at some of the plans and their pricing to understand the hosting platform better.

HostNed Plan and Pricing 

HostNed comes with initial 3 module plans. Here in our HostNed web hosting review table, we’d help you find each one out.

Plan Name Price Storage Added Offers
Starter Check today’s Price 30 gb Unlimited data transfer, 1 website, 10 SQL database
Economy Check today’s Price 100gb Unlimited data transfer,15 SQL database
Deluxe Check today’s Price Unlimited Unlimited data transfer,15 SQL database
Ultimate Check today’s Price Unlimited Unlimited data transfer,15 SQL database, SSL yearly certificate

HostNed Secure Shared Hosting 

Here is a small glimpse on the HostNed Secure Shared Hosting Review table.


Plan Name Price Storage Added Offers
SSH Standard Check today’s Price 20 gb Unlimited data transfer,SSL Certificate
SSH Plus Check today’s Price 50gb Unlimited data transfer,SSL Certificate
SSH Deluxe Check today’s Price 120Gb Unlimited data transfer,SSL Certificate

HostNed Advanced Hosting 

HostNed’s Advanced Hosting Review chart is given below:


Plan Name Price Storage Added Offers
SDL Power Silver Check today’s Price 20 gb Unlimited data transfer,Dedicated Ip
SDL Power Gold Check today’s Price 40gb Unlimited data transfer,Dedicated Ip
SDL Power Platinum Check today’s Price 60Gb Unlimited data transfer,Dedicated Ip

HostNed Reseller Hosting 

Here is a brief overview on the HostNed Reseller Hosting Review chart


Plan Name Price Storage Added Offers
Starter Reseller Check today’s Price 10 gb Unlimited data transfer, cPanel or Plesk
Silver Reseller Check today’s Price 30gb Unlimited data transfer, cPanel or Plesk
Gold Reseller Check today’s Price 50Gb Unlimited data transfer, cPanel or Plesk
Platinum Reseller Check today’s Price 80gb Unlimited data transfer, cPanel or Plesk


Free Bonuses 

HostNed also offers an array of different free bonuses along with their plans. Here are some of it:

  • Free Yearly SSL certification comes with some plans that make it exceptionally secure
  • SQL Database offered
  • Up to 1000 email benefit



  • Comes with unbelievable unlimited storage with some of the offers
  • Astoundingly profund unlimited data transfer with any plan
  • Domain registration feature helps improve user experience
  • Better security with Firewalls and SSL


  • May lack proper uptime and performance

Overall Rating 

Criteria Ratings
Performance 3.8
Uptime 3.6
Customer Support 4.0
Web Security 4.2
Data Backups 4.3
Refund Policy 4.5


Overall Thought

Here is our final take on the HostNed web hosting services. As you’ve seen, we tried to provide you with a range of different information regarding the hosting provider. Starting from its history to how it would perform and providing you with an overall rating, our guide tried to reflect a complete understanding regarding HostNed.

We found this provider to be a mediocre client in our analytic view on the HostNed Web Hosting reviews. With significant gaps in how they function as a team, it can be challenging for business setups to work with them properly.

Yet, they have a fantastic 120 day long money-back guarantee in place, which would let the young learners and personal bloggers try them out. So, what are you waiting for? Try them out and find out their claim to the unbelievable offers right now!

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