Intellectual Outline on the Hostnoc Reviews- Stunning Service Platform  

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Hostnoc Reviews

It’s not about just subscribing to a host, instead it’s more about selecting the right platform that works best for your business. Plus, it is not only about finding the host that performs well with better uptime and plans, it’s also about making sure whether it’s dependable or not. That’s why in our analysis of HostNoc Reviews we tried to look at all the surrounding factors that can help you get a hold of this hosting provider. Like all the guides we now will find out every little thing that would help you understand the organization better and make a possible decision. 

HostNoc Reviews 

In the following segments our highly researched analysis would look at various aspects of HostNoc. We’ll also mention some of the minor downsides along with its strengths. As a result, you’ll get an overall view of it.


Looking at the Organization background is among the regular drills before going for any sort of business investment. So, when you’re ready to get the business rolled out depending on a hosting service, it’s a must that you check its history. That’s why now we’ll try looking at HostNoc’ background. 

One thing that may surprise you is that compared to the stunning reputation it enjoys, the company is fairly new. They started their journey back in 2018. One probable reason why they succeeded is because they arranged a team of tremendously skilled professionals. A merger between the cloud computing professionals, cybersecurity experts and a team of extremely skilled network engineers, makes HostNoc an unbelievably diverse and exceptionally authentic organization which you can trust on. 

Furthermore, the way they’ve gathered their fame and reputation in this short span of time, is just unbelievable. 

Based on all the above mentioned elements, HostNoc can be counted as one of the most dependable organizations you can go for right now. 


Here we’d be looking at the performance-related features of HostNoc. Undoubtedly, performance is among the main key points which anyone should focus on before going ahead with any hosting provider. Let’s have a brief understanding of HostNoc’s potential performance. 

The thing that everyone considers a top priority is the speed of browsing and least loading duration. Well, HostNoc’s websites are grounded on their incredible set up of lightning fast SSD Storage systems. As a result, the users would get a smooth browsing experience. 

With smoother performance and faster output, this should be a quality platform to get your sites on.

So, for those who love to offer their users a faster and smoother experience on their site, HostNoc would be a recommendation! 


Uptime, along with performance carries the same amount of importance. And that’s why each of our guides takes on this particular subject so the users get to know about this highly significant matter. 

Because of their utmost experience in the field, HostNoc is offering an outstanding 99.99% Uptime guarantee, which is pretty unbelievable! 

This incredible claim is only possible because of their extremely powerful RAID configuration which protects the system against potential disk data loss. That’s why, although it may seem a bit challenging for such claims to actualize but would come with better uptime performance for sure. 

Customer Support 

The building base of an organization is their customer support team. If a farm looks after their users and instantly satisfies their demands, it will lead to a happy customer base and better retention. You should also avail the required information from time to time which would help you stay up to date. 

In terms of customer support they have an astounding 5 different mediums, strikingly similar to that of HostNed, who also offers a 5-medium customer support system. 

You get to collect the required data using ticketing, mailing contact form or using their live chat feature on the site. 

If you’re in some sort of emergency and need to discuss matters instantly, then you can directly call their numbers. 

On top of all these, their self support knowledge base holds tons of information which you can use to help yourself without talking with anyone. 

Features and Offers 

HostNoc will offer different features and offers to lure potential users in. Let’s see what’s in it for us. 

Domain Registration

HostNoc also comes with domain registration capabilities. Being an organization with both domain registration and hosting capabilities you can get all your work done in one go. It will highly minimize your trouble of switching to two different providers for two different services and ties everything down to single source making it highly convenient for the users. 

Therefore, people who love simplicity and a hassle-free operation HostNoc would be a recommendation! 

Web Security 

Web security along with the other aspects is also a highly important factor. As we already explained, there are cyber security professionals in the founding member list. So, it’s pretty common to guess that the platform would be coming with out of the world security measures in place. Killer Malware Protection and On Guard Blacklist Monitoring systems present in HostNoc helps keep the security threats at bay and keep your uploaded information safer!

Data BackUp 

One of the biggest fears of any user is losing his data on the site. Sudden loss of connection, mistakenly deleting the information or hacking, all three can be a possible reason for losing the uploaded data. 

That’s why HostNoc offers an incredible data backup policy which works stunningly well. Each of their plans come with a data storage which can reach upto 2 tb with some premium plans. So, your data is stored safe and sound without any issues to think about. 

cPanel Integration 

cPanel being a highly popular platform has always been a determining factor in terms of getting the deals signed. It brings a lot of ease and comfort for the cPanel users. 

That’s why HostNoc also offers cPanel integration in their hosted sites. But there’s a catch, cPanel is available with Linux hosting while the Windows hosting would use Plesk Control Panel. So, those who use Linux and love to have cPanel in their list, would surely rejoice having HostNoc around. 

Refund Policy

Refund policy can also be a deciding factor. Especially with mid-ranged or low-end hosting platforms coming without any refund scheme may raise an alarm. 

But that’s not the case with HostNoc. First of all, HostNoc isn’t one of those shady, cheap hosting providers. While on the other hand, they maintain the industry standard of 30 days of money guarantee plan. With this plan you should be able to get away with the money if you’re not happy with their service within the first month. This adds an extra layer of security as you won’t have to lose all the invested amount. 

One Click Installation 

One click installation with WordPress is one of the easiest ways to get a hold of the online world. And most of the users chose this method more than the other complicated and highly time consuming processes. 

HostNoc, too, allows the user to obtain the ease of use of WordPress. You can get it installed with one click using their Softaculous feature. 

Plans and Pricing 

Here in the following segments we’ll discuss all the plans and pricing for HostNoc in detail with tables and charts. Let’s find them out! 

Hostnoc Linux Shared Hosting 

There are four different plans present in the linux shared hosting. 

Here is a small table on the Hostnoc Essential Hosting Review. 

Plan Name Price  Storage Added Offers
Essential Hosting Check Today’s Price 2gb Unmetered Bandwidth, 5 MySQL Database
Professional Hosting Check Today’s Price 10gb Unmetered Bandwidth, 10 MySQL Database
Premium Hosting Check Today’s 


20gb Unmetered Bandwidth, 20 MySQL Database
Enterprise Hosting Check Today’s Price 30gb Unmetered Bandwidth, 25 MySQL Database

HostNoc Windows Shared Hosting 

HostNoc offers some of the best windows hosting plans. Here in our HostNoc Windows Shared Hosting review table you get a complete picture of it. 

Plan Name Price  Storage Added Offers
Essential Hosting Check Today’s Price 100mb Unmetered Bandwidth, 5 MySQL Database
Professional Hosting Check Today’s Price 500mb Unmetered Bandwidth, 5 MySQL Database
Premium Hosting Check Today’s 


2gb Unmetered Bandwidth, 10 MySQL Database
Enterprise Hosting Check Today’s Price 30gb Unmetered Bandwidth, Unlimited MySQL Database

Free Bonuses 

Here are some of the free bonuses you’re getting along with the plans. 

  • cPanel or Plesk access for Linux and Windows respectively 
  • Unlimited bandwidth 
  • MySQL database comes with all the plans 
  • Free SSL certifications for all the hosted sites



  • Comes with quality security measures in place 
  • Can be operable in both Linux and Windows 
  • SSD and RAID storage offers better performance and Uptime 
  • Standard money back guarantee scheme works as a safety net 


  • Domain name isn’t offered free

Overall Ratings 

Criteria Ratings
Performance  4.2
Uptime  4.1
Customer Support  4.4 
Web Security  4.6
Data Backups 4.5
Refund Policy  4.4 

Overall Thought 

Well, after much discussion and analysis we have come to the final part of our long and extremely detailed guide. We’ve covered almost all the vital parts that a hosting platform can be judged upon. Starting from it’s backgrounds to uptime, performance and plans. 

After learning and researching on this platform, using the various HostNoc reviews and their own declarations, it was visible to us that the hosting providers are authentic and highly well spoken of by the users. 

If you want to have a quality hosting service for business or personal use with a standard output then HostNoc can be a quality companion. 

So, what are you waiting for? Avail their quality service and start experiencing the change right now!

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