A Treat for Expert Users | A Short Analysis on Netfirms Hosting Review

Netfirms Hosting Review

Well, in our long list of hosting investigations, we have NetFirms. Today in our brief synopsis of the NetFirms Hosting review, we’ll talk about the organization’s inner workings, how it works, and how capable it delivers the users’ desired services.

With each organization, there would be specific points where the users would want improvement. And not all organizations would be able to offer the best services in all the areas. That’s why it’s recommended that each user examine if their hosting provider would be able to meet their desired expectations.

NetFirms Hosting Review

Like always, we’d be looking at some of the most crucial internet hosting features right now. Our intricate analysis of each area would reveal whether web hosting is the right option for you. Let’s find out.


Much similar to the rest of the guides, we have the background investigation at the first spot. Like any other farm, hosting organizations also depend highly on expertise, past experiences, and highly valued members. That’s why critically analyzing each of the following issues is crucial to understand a farm better.

If you’re looking for a hosting that has aged enough to offer the best services, then go for none other than NetFirms. Because founded in 1998, they have well over an experienced pool of over 22 years! It’s one of the oldest web hosting services you can ever think of.

If that introduction wasn’t enough, NetFirms has hosted more than an astounding 1.2 million sites! They also hold membership in one of the largest hosting corporations right now in the world.

Backgrounds such as this would undoubtedly convince any user of NetFirms authenticity. So for those who wish to go for a more professional, business-oriented service, NetFirms can be one of the few exceptionally experienced recommendations you should try! 


Like the organization background, performance is equally prioritized. If hosting is well-performing, a few things will stop the user from getting the subscription. Let’s check out how NetFirms should perform in the long run.

As we already explained NetFirms, isn’t one of those cheap, outdated hosting platforms. Instead, it’s a genuine organization that works with more than a million users. And one of the critical mechanisms they use is called the clustered hosting technology. This intricate mechanism helps dispense its resources most efficiently to its customers.

As a result of this incredible technological advancement, the users get improved performance and better scalability.


Uptime and performance go hand in hand. If the Uptime is satisfactory, the performance is also expected to be meeting the expectation. On the other hand, if you face downtime regularly, the performance won’t impact anything.

They’re pretty good at offering Uptime, and the user experiences for Uptime are pretty decent. But one thing you’d have to keep in mind is that they don’t provide any Uptime guarantees. So, if you’re not getting the desired uptime performance, there won’t be security to offer you any sort of financial assistance.

Customer Support 

Customer support has long been a highly crucial factor impacting businesses hugely. That’s why while getting to know a hosting provider, having decent customer feedback is often expected.

And that’s where NetFirms isn’t going to let you down. You can contact their support team in a range of different ways. You can call their toll free number without any charge. Most recent features like live chat and contacting using a ticket are also available.

Features and Offers 

Let’s talk about some of the features each hosting provider comes with, and NetFirm will perform on these criteria.

Domain Registration 

Domain registration is another crucial criterion that users would always love to come with their hosting. Availability of domain registration allows the users to fix their chores more constructively.

And NetFirms do have that in mind as they also offer the domain registration service on their site. You can use their service to register your desired domains and use their hosting service for extra benefits and convenience.


Web Security 

The security of your site is one of the most important factors to consider for protection. NetFirms works around the clock to maintain your safety.

One of the key benefits of using their services is that they keep all the information protected. They make sure that some data are shared with third party users to improve service quality.

Plus, they offer three different SSL certificates. Starting from Domain validated SSL to Wildcard and E-Commerce SSL. Features such as these make the site a lot more secure.

Other outstanding features like Malware scan and Blacklist monitoring adds another layer of serious protection on the whole.

Automated attack blockers are another crucial add on that works relentlessly for a better security output.

So, looking at them all together, NetFirms should have better security practices and would recommend all those who seek a well-secured site!

Data BackUps 

Having the data backed up is always a remover of worry. Not keeping a backup is perhaps one of the most elementary mistakes you can make. That’s why NetFirms offer their users an offer they can’t seem to refuse.

Yes, all of their plans come with unlimited data storage! Which is pretty unbelievable. So get the data backed up at all times and how much you wish to utilize the unlimited data storage systems with NetFirms.

Because of this incredible feature with all the plans, we’d like to recommend NetFirms, especially for those who need to upload and save tons and tons of data online! 

cPanel Integration

cPanel Integration is often sought after as many have got accustomed to using their technologies. Because of prolonged exposure to such software, they prefer their hosting provider to have this software access available, and their decisions are often influenced by its availability too.

But, NetFirms doesn’t talk about cPanel with any of their hosting plans. The absence of this particular platform can be a significant negative for all those who have grown their career using it.

Refund Policy

More often than not, the refund policy becomes a point of interest for many users. It gives the users a certain amount of time to watch how their hosting is working and gives them a safe space to back out if the outcomes are not as they expected while also getting the invested money back. That’s why the refund policy is crucial!

NetFirms, similar to Hoopla Hosting, comes with a standard 30 days money-back guarantee, which would give the users substantial time to judge and decide whether to stick with their services or not!

One-Click Installation 

Who doesn’t love a bit of simplicity and ease of use? That’s precisely why WordPress has got a cult following and many more lining up for their service in times ahead.

Keeping that in mind, NetFirms, too, adds this top-rated and unbelievably user-friendly platform in their service. You get to obtain the one-click installation convenience with WordPress enabled sites by NetFirms!


Plans and Pricing 

Netfirms comes with a variety of hosting plans to meet the different customer bases. In the following segments, we’d present you with all their plans and pricing for each one of them.

NetFirms Web Hosting Plans

Let’s check the Netfirms Web Hosting Plans Review below for a proper understanding.


Plan Name Price Storage Added Offers
Plus Check Today’s Price Unlimited Storage Scalable Bandwidth, SSL
Advantage Check Today’s Price Unlimited Storage Scalable Bandwidth,SSL,25 database
Business Check Today’s


Unlimited Storage Scalable Bandwidth, SSL, Unlimited databases and FTP logins


Free Bonuses 

Offering exciting free bonuses is a common strategy implemented by the hosting platform to woo new customers and hold the existing ones. Here are some of the free bonuses of NetFirms.

  • Free SSL by Let’s Encrypt comes with all the plans
  • No limit on storage for any plans
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • MySQL databases
  • FTP Logins


  • Comes with a valid 20+ years of thorough experience and outstanding background, which increases reliability
  • Exceptional web security keeps your resources safer
  • Unbelievable unlimited storage capacity with all the plans
  • Standard refund scheme lets users experiment and choose wisely


  • Only offers shared hosting plans
  • No uptime guarantee

Overall Ratings 

Criteria Ratings
Performance 4.5
Uptime 4.2
Customer Support 4.1
Web Security 4.5
Data Backups 4.8
Refund Policy 4.5

Overall Thought 

As we discussed our highly detailed guide, it became clear that NetFirms is capable of offering superior grade performance. Coming with a long 20+ years of extensive experience in the field, this Canada based organization can be a quality add-on to your online expedition.

Based on the NetFirms Hosting Review, our out-and-out research found the hosting platform authentic and an organization you can work with.

Whether you’re a freelance blogger or a potential business person who wants to try out the online world, NetFirms can be a quality starting option anytime! So, what’s holding you back? Get your plan today and witness the service as they go into action right away!

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