Prestige with Performance! A Comprehensive Guide on the Temok Reviews 

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Temok Reviews

Are you tired of cheap hosting platforms? Well, if you’re not one of those blogger types and looking for a dependable, authentic host to get the businesses going, the Temok would undoubtedly be a worthy consideration. That’s why in our critical analysis of the Temok reviews, we’ll bring to light the inner workings of this prestigious organization. 

It’s incumbent upon each of us to evaluate the hosting platform before making any business moves since you’re going to deal with them as long as your site is hosted on their platform. 

Temok Reviews

In our step-by-step guide, we’ll highlight all the critical elements that play a significant role in determining a particular hosting provider. We’ll present highly analyzed information on Temok’s activities and features, so you get to understand them better before investing. 


As said, history defines an organization. We’re not saying that those who start new don’t have any credibility but having a long and thorough experience in the field does prove to be a lot more trustworthy than those who don’t have that edge. So, let’s inquire a bit about the history of this particular host. 

Temok has been around for quite some time now. Founded in 2014, they have an experienced pool of close to 7 years. Despite the moderate experience, Temok has garnered stupendous support and appreciation from the online community. 

Having served over 8000 clients internationally, this UAE-based organization has earned respect and reliability amongst its users. 

Besides, the UAE headquarters also have offices in the UK and USA while having data centers in some of Europe’s leading countries such as the Netherlands and Luxembourg. 

With this unbelievable organizational capability and out-of-the-world eminence, Temok is undoubtedly one of the most reliable options out there. 

So, if you’re having trust issues before online investments, Temok can indeed be a recommendation in this regard. 


Performance comes right after the background. It’s one of the most vital areas, if not the most critical areas. Plus, the exceptional feature is the powering element that can transform all the other areas. 

If you want a cleaner and smoother performance style, go for Temok because Temok has some of the most advanced performance-related characteristics. 

Their dedicated servers would offer better results in the skill department. On top of that, it’d also improve the stability of the user experience to some extent! 

So based on the performance, Temok is highly recommended for those who wish to have a more professional site hosting experience. 


Without Uptime, the whole thing of performance and repute isn’t going to be of any use. That’s why authentic hosting providers work around the clock to ensure there is less downtime and stays up all the time. 

With Temok, you get a decent Uptime feature on. Reducing the occurrence of possible downtimes, Temok makes sure you get the maximum Uptime. As a result, they offer an awesome 99.60% uptime guarantee which can completely transform your business to a whole new level. 

If you’re unsatisfied with the Uptime and experience downtime more than the limit they mentioned, which usually doesn’t occur, you can request a refund right away, which is incredible. 

So, based on the offers, it’s natural for any individual with professional goals to go ahead with Temok and a must recommendation.

Customer Support 

Now let’s talk about customer support. Our team was able to contact them on their live chat directly. Their instant response was fascinating, and the way they assist their users, even individuals who just want to gather information, are received with a warm welcome. 

Just goes to show how dedicated they are to their potential users. 

Besides Live chat, you can call them directly on their phone number and mail them too. 

Based on the user experience and our own interaction with the organization, Temok is a must recommend for those who want to stay updated all the time. Overall, their customer support is just phenomenal! 


Feature and Offers 

Let’s look at some of the features and offers that Temok has to offer. 

Domain Registration

Getting the domains registered with the hosting is a double bonus. Similar to NetFirms, it minimizes your trouble switching from one platform to the other as Temok can manage both the registration of the site and the hosting part.

So, if you’re one of those individuals who love to simplify things up, temok is where you should go! 

Web Security 

Like any other aspect, security is a serious concern for the premium Temok. To enhance the security parameters, Temok introduces stunning security protocols like RapidSSL certificates

RapidSSL would provide your sites with a professional-grade defense against malpractices. 

Data BackUps 

Temok comes with unbelievable data backup schemes. This incredible organization would provide you with unlimited data storage possibilities with some of its plans. 

You can store whatever you wish, and no matter how large the item is, you can get it stored in their unlimited space.

cPanel Integration

cPanel comes with a good number of users too. It lets you design the site from scratch. That’s why going with Temok can be a good idea. As you can utilize the immense customizability of the cPanel with them. 


Refund Policy 

The refund policy has always been a matter of much thought and speculation. A quality refund policy helps customers gain reliability on the farm. It also gives them a fixed duration to decide if they should stick to them or switch. 

Temok offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. That’s nearly half of the regular 30-day money-back guarantee, which is the industry norm. 

Despite the short period, you should still understand and decide whether to stay or not.

One-Click Installation

WordPress has earned its’ spot in the online world being the most famous hosting software used by many. Unbelievably 42% of all the websites in the world use WordPress, which is a staggering number.

Yes, WordPress is available here too. Temok is one of those premium hosting platforms and having WordPress access is just an average occurrence. 

Plans and Pricing 

Here are some of the plans and their pricing list that can help you understand them even better. 

Temok Linux Shared Hosting Plans 

Here is a Temok Linux Shared Hosting review table you can check out. 

Plan Name Price  Storage Added Offers
Baby Plan USA Check Today’s Price  RAID protected storage  Unlimited Bandwidth Free Setup, 1 Website hosting 
Turbo Plan USA Check Today’s Price  Unlimited RAID protected storage  Unlimited Bandwidth, 4 Sub domains
Business Plan USA Check Today’s Price  Unlimited RAID protected storage  Unlimited Bandwidth, unlimited domains

Temok Windows Shared Hosting 

Below we’ll be providing you with Windows Shared Hosting Review table: 


Plan Name Price  Storage Added Offers
Starter Windows USA Check Today’s Price  50GB RAID protected storage  Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited domains
Premium  Windows USA Check Today’s Price  100GB RAID protected storage  Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Sub domains
Business Windows USA Check Today’s Price  150GB RAID protected storage  Unlimited Bandwidth, unlimited domains
First Class Windows USA Check Today’s Price  200GB RAID protected storage  Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited mailing lists

Temok  Windows Reseller Hosting 

Following we provide you a Temok Windows Reseller hosting review chart which explains the plan in detail: 

Plan Name Price  Storage Added Offers
Starter Windows Shared Reseller USA Check Today’s Price  50GB RAID protected storage  500Gb Bandwidth, Free Setup
Premium  Windows Shared Reseller USA Check Today’s Price  80GB RAID protected storage  700Gb Bandwidth, Unlimited cPanel Accounts
Business Windows Shared Reseller USA Check Today’s Price  120GB RAID protected storage  1000GB Bandwidth, Unlimited Email accounts
First Class Shared Reseller Windows USA Check Today’s Price  160GB RAID protected storage  1200GB Bandwidth, Unlimited Plesk accounts

Temok Linux Reseller Hosting 

Finally, we present you with the Temok Linux Reseller Hosting Review chart that would explain the offers in detail


Plan Name Price  Storage Added Offers
Deluxe Reseller  Check Today’s Price  20 RAID protected storage  Unlimited Bandwidth Free Setup, 

10 cPanel accounts

Silver Reseller  Check Today’s Price  50 Unlimited RAID protected storage  Unlimited Bandwidth, 

20 cPanel accounts

Premium Reseller  Check Today’s Price  100 Unlimited RAID protected storage  Unlimited Bandwidth, 

40 cPanel accounts

Diamond Reseller  Check Today’s Price  150 Unlimited RAID protected storage  Unlimited Bandwidth, 

60 cPanel accounts

Free Bonuses 

Temok comes with an array of different free offers and bonuses. Let’s find them out now: 

  • Weebly SiteBuilder 
  • Free Website Templates 
  • Comes with free transfer of domain without any charge 
  • Google Adwords 
  • cPanel 


  • Dedicated servers provide exceptional performance 
  • Quality 2 weeks 99.60% Uptime guarantee
  • Out-of-the-world, instant customer support for quick problem solving 
  • Extensive web security using RapidSSL
  • Unlimited data storage facility available 


  • Comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee which is less than the industry average 

Overall Rating 

Criteria Ratings
Performance  4.6
Uptime  4.5
Customer Support  4.7
Web Security  4.3
Data Backups 4.6
Refund Policy  4.3

Overall Thought

In a guide filled with highly critical information, we tried to open all up about the Temok hosting. Going through the countless Temok reviews, their announcements, and our interaction with them, we loaded tons of extensive information on the hosting. 

With the gathered data, we analyzed each of its features with the utmost details possible. As it’s time to provide you with our judgments, we take the chance to say that Temok is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, an organization you can trust your resources with. Located near the all-famous Palm Jumeirah, this Dubai-based farm has offices in some of the most well-known locations in the world. Besides their unparalleled backgrounds, their performances are also pretty well documented. 

So, if you want a firm grounding for your online empire, get the desired Temok subscription and start building up right now! 

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