Is it Secure Enough? All About the Web Hosting Pad Review! 

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Web Hosting Pad Review

Just like any other industry, different website hosting providers have different classes too. Each hosting platform comes with its share of strengths and weaknesses, and each has a specific set of customer bases. Today in our synopsis of the Web Hosting Pad Review, we’ll try to see which particular customer base it’s aiming for and whether they’d be a quality add-on for your next move. 

To learn about a hosting platform, an array of different elements have to be kept in mind. That’s why our guide will talk about various areas of Web Hosting Pad and evaluate its performance in each of those criteria.

Web Hosting Pad Review 

It’s common for hosting organizations to have flaws along with their strengths. Our highly comprehensive guide will cover both aspects to give you a more overall understanding of Web Hosting Pad. Let’s find it out!


As we always say, brand history does have a significant role in understanding it. Its previous performance and way of doing things contribute significantly in terms of shaping up its present performance. That’s why history remains an integral part of each of our guides. 

Web Hosting Pad started its journey back in 2005. An organization with 16 years of long experience tells a lot about how efficiently it’s going to perform. Experienced individuals in the field set it up, and one of their key goals was to offer standard performance within an affordable range. 

Client satisfaction is an integral part of their company motto, and that’s why they expect to offer quality customer support. 

Based on all the mentioned characteristics, it turns out that Web Hosting Pad is one of those companies that have the required expertise to meet the challenges. So if you’ve just started to blog and look for a standard option with minimized expenses, Web Hosting Pad can undoubtedly be up for consideration. 


We always give it a top priority. Similar to the organization’s previous history, its current performance is equally vital to conclude it. Let’s find out!

If you talk about performance, then they’d provide you with quality. One of the main aspects of evaluating the performance is how fast the page loads. And the page loading duration with Web Hosting Pad is pretty low, which is a positive. 

Plus, the site speed they offer is pretty decent. Site speed also matters in terms of SEO rankings. And with their above 700ms rate, this would be an excellent add-on. 

But as the user experiences go, the performance can gradually degrade over time. So, we’d only recommend it for those who want to have to host for personal blogging. 


Uptime is another highly critical matter of discussion. For business-oriented users, a decent uptime is a must for its customers to find them online for orders or queries. 

That being said, Web Hosting Pad has a mediocre uptime performance. With an uptime close to 99.80%, this would suit the low-performance sites, which aren’t meant for severe usages like online stores or only payment gateways. 

Customer Support 

Customer support is critical in terms of getting the best customer retention. If you’re using the service of a hosting provider that offers quality support, they would always be there to provide technical support in time of need. 

Instant customer capabilities are significant criteria for more professional-grade users who like to have a hand during emergencies. Keeping these in mind Web Hosting Pad offers an array of different communication mediums, so you get a hold of them with ease. 

First, you have a live chat that requires little to no time to initiate. The live chat works instantly as we attempted to do so and got responses coming out right away. 

Apart from the highly responsive live chat feature, they also have phone and email options available. 

Finally, you can use their vast knowledge base for a fast info-gathering session which can fulfill your knowledge gaps without talking to anyone at all. 

So, from the customer support point of view, Web Hosting Pad should offer a quality service which you can opt for any day! 

Features and Offers 

Each hosting platform comes with many features and offers which would hold the users’ attention for more lasting and entertaining use. Here we’d present you with some of those features Web Hosting Pad has to provide you with! 

Domain Registration 

One good thing about Web Hosting Pad is that, similar to the Ultra Web Hosting, whom we’ve previously talked about, they too have the domain registration feature, which is a positive. Registered domains are easy to be hosted by the same platform. It requires minimum struggle and lowers down the hassle to a certain extent. 

Web Security 

Security of your data and payment-related information is crucial. That’s why each hosting platform has a minimum level of security protocols in place to stop outer intruders from slipping in and stealing data. 

But in terms of security, Web Hosting Pad has a varied user experience. One of the critical problems which are highly observable is the issue of security. Getting charged automatically for renewal without own wish, suspending accounts for credible reasons, and unethical engagements, all of these occurrences can seem like a challenging thing to deal with. 

Our team did talk with the Web Hosting Pad regarding the assertions, but they denied charging more or forcing users to upgrade to a more expensive plan altogether. 

To sum up, for highly business-oriented sites, this may not be the most effective place to go. But for everyday general blogging needs, this would be a suitable match. 

Data BackUps

Getting your web data backed up is a profound comfort to work with. Especially for those who run an organization online, it’s incredibly vital. 

Although Web Hosting Pad has a regular data backup system enabled, this system comes with a range of terms and conditions. 

The backups are limited to 3GB, which would exclude databases and emails. 

A restoration fee would also be charged in the occurrence of restoring the backup. 

cPanel backup requires extra payment too. 

Having highly complicated backup terms can be a challenging factor for backup-dependent online sites. 

cPanel Integration

Users love to have cPanel as it gives them the freedom to exercise your own skill to develop and design a website from scratch. And the good news is that Web Hosting comes with cPanel usage. But getting assigned to some server can limit the cPanel activity. 

Refund Policy 

Refund policies are one of the most critical areas which potential users like to know about. Usually, hosting refunds are issued for 30 days. And much similar to other sites like Hoopla and Epowhost, it also follows the industry default of a 30-day refund policy. 

But the issue of refund can seem to be a bit complicated as the user experiences report. That’s why we’d suggest you go through the terms and conditions thoroughly and consult extensively with the support beforehand on the issue of refund. 


One-Click Installation 

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best hosting software platforms right now. That being said, Web Hosting Pad too offers simplified software benefits. 

Because of the presence of WordPress, it would attract a large number of users and make the users’ journey a lot more comfortable and convenient. 

Plans and Pricing 

Let’s look at some of the plans they have to offer their users. 

Web Hosting Pad WordPress Hosting

Here is a Web Hosting Pad WordPress hosting review chart for extended information 

Plan Name Price  Storage Added Offers
WordPress Basic  Check today’s Price  Not Given Let’s Encrypt SSL, x2 Memory Power Plan 
WordPress Pro Check today’s Price  Not Given Free CA SSL, 2x Computing power 
WordPress Premium Check today’s Price  Not Given Free CA SSL, 3x computing performance  

Web Hosting Pad VPS Hosting 

Here is another plan by Web Hosting Pad. This time the Web Hosting Pad VPS Hosting Review chart is displayed for your use. 


Plan Name Price  Storage Added Offers
VPS Gold Check today’s Price  80 Disk Space  250GB Bandwidth, 2 dedicated IP address
VPS Platinum  Check today’s Price  200 Disk Space  1500GB Bandwidth, 3 Dedicated IP
VPS Managed Check today’s Price  300 Disk Space  3000GB Bandwidth, Fully manager server


  • Comes with one of the most affordable plans in the hosting industry 
  • Offers quality performance for regular users 
  • A decent 30-day refund policy provides safe space to try the hosting out 
  • Offers quality customer support experience 


  • It can come with highly complicated terms and conditions 
  • Security could’ve been improved 

Overall Ratings 

Criteria Ratings
Performance  4.2
Uptime  4.1
Customer Support  4.3
Web Security  3.7
Data Backups 3.9
Refund Policy  4.0 

Overall Thought

After all the research and investigations, it’s time for the results. We tried to analyze this organization based on different criteria, from history to the back and refund policy. 

We also highlighted the possible strengths as well as weaknesses that can help the potential users get an overall understanding of the farm before making any business decisions. 

After much discussion on the Web Hosting Pad review and our own interactions with them, it is clear that it’s a mediocre organization that may not be the best for business-related tasks. 

In this case, you can utilize the extreme affordability and user-friendly offers for personal blogging or similar small-scale activities. As they offer a 30-day refund with the minimum cost, try them out for a quality small-scale blogging experience!

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