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Well, at this point of our continuous exploration of the hosting providers, here we have the eUkhost. Today we’ll give you an extensive look into the host using a compilation of several eUkhost web hosting reviews and their organizational declarations. Learning about the site you’re going to invest in is only pertinent.

It’s more like getting to know business partners. As you’d always want your partner to be supportive, reliable and trustworthy, similarly, for success in the web world, the role of selecting the right hosting is significant.

eUKhost Web Hosting Review
UK Dedicated Servers

Here in the following sections, we’ll be going through some of the most critical features of this host. We’ll focus both on its strengths and weaknesses to give you a complete picture.


Getting to know the history is our first practice with any guide, and the exercise continues here. With over 18 years of expertise in the field, eUKhost is one of the organizations you should be able to rely upon.

Based in Leeds, UK, eUKhost is known to be one of the earliest fully automated hosting platforms in the entire Europe region; a credibility few organizations can compare with!

Their current customer pool is over 35,000 from the UK and outside.

Moreover, they have a track record of hosting over a staggering 150,000 domains, which only speaks of their prowess in their job! 
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Let’s talk about the performance of this incredible item. Without the thrust and speed in browsing, it’d be useless to get on with a host in the first place.

First, one thing to note. Like any other service or product, no hosts are perfect, which isn’t any different.

However, the speed of this particular hosting is pretty fast. It can get even better if your server locations are based in the UK.

If you prefer WordPress hosting, it should be a quality host because it performs stunningly in the WordPress department.

Coming with specially designed WordPress optimization, this can be a good deal for the users at any given time.


Getting the desired Uptime is one of the key qualifiers for a host.

Uptime is where it becomes a game-changer. Recently, a study has been done by experts on the hosting platform. Using the program UptimeRobot, the uptime performances of eUKhost were investigated.

The study suggests that it scored a 99.98% over a long three months period. This is exceptionally good for a WordPress host and something that any user can rely upon!

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Customer Support 

Customer support is one of the most important aspects for any hosting provider out there. Having a genuine line of customer care representatives would offer a valid service that would enhance customer retention.

Coming with all the mediums of communication, there shouldn’t be any issues with contacting them. You can connect with them via Live Chat if that’s not your style; you can make a phone call directly to their service agents.

Moreover, you can use the ticketing system to make contact as well. In the ticketing, you can also mention the level of urgency from normal to urgent.

All in all, one thing that you can expect from them is, you’d be greeted with standard support communications in case of any emergencies!

Features and Offers 

Let’s try to go through the different features and offers eUKhost comes equipped with.

Domain Registration 

Yes, this site offers a decent domain registration feature. Being a domain registration portal, it’d offer extended convenience. You get to have the domain and hosting from the same source, which would reduce the hassle down to a certain extent.

Tired of your current host? It often happens that after being displeased with a host’s service, the users may want to shift. But because of the extra companies, it becomes pretty challenging. That’s why to ease the user experience, eUKhost brings in hassle-free migration capabilities, which would help you shift your domain from the previous host back to the eUKhost without much struggle.

They don’t even charge a migration fee either for single domains. But if it crosses the number, then there would be charges involved.

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Web Security 

Web security has always been considered one of the most important factors to consider. Herewith eUKhost, you’re getting quality automated security patching for improved protection.

Further, they also have a security advisor to pin down security issues and resolve them.

Despite the efforts, they don’t have SSL, and there is no mention of other large-scale protection measures that can make web security a bigger risk.

Data Backups 

One good thing about this host is that you’re getting a continuous free backup system. The host offers a free daily backup feature which is pretty unbelievable, to begin with.

But they have slight limitations with the data storage system. Previously we talked about the AvaHost Web Hosting, which offered an unbelievable unlimited data storage with the premium subscription.

Further, the Cloudways provided a staggering 5 TB maximum starting from 1TB storage space.

Compared to these hostings, eUKhost, despite being one of the earlier generation hosts, offers only a 50GB maximum storage space which can seem pretty short for some organizations.

However, as stated earlier, the free day-to-day backup would serve the starters pretty well!

Cpanel Integration 

Yes, you’re also getting the Cpanel integration capabilities unlocked with this one. You can use the cPanel web hosting to perform the desired functions without going through many complicated activities.

Refund Policy 

The refund policy is just as simple and highly similar to that of regular hosts like AccuWeb HostingYou’re getting a 30 days money-back guarantee with this host.

Coming without any complex terms and conditions, this easy to avail refund policy follows the standard trend and should be fine for the users anytime!

One-Click Installation 

The hosts offer an incredible one-click installation feature too. Coming with full WordPress competency, this should be an ideal host for WordPress lovers.

Because, as we said, this provider has a specially designed feature that works with WordPress pretty well. And it should be a deal you’d want to grab on without any delay!

Plans and Pricing 

It’s common sense that you’d want to get to know the plans and pricing before going ahead. That’s why we have the table here to display that to you clearly.

Plan Name Price (Monthly) Refund Policy Storage Added Offers
WordPress Starter 1.66 pounds 30 days 5gb Unlimited data transfer, free domain, 25 mailboxes


4.16pounds 30 days 20gb Data transfer facilities, 200 mailboxes, 20 WordPress Website
WSordPresPro Server 12.49pounds 30 days 50gb WP Optimized VPS, 

WordPress Toolkit, Unlimited Mailboxes

Free Bonuses 

EUKhost comes with stunning free offers like offering free domains for annual accounts in terms of free bonuses. Moreover, you’re also getting an outstanding deal on getting the WordPress domains migrated to eUKhost from other platforms.

eUKhost’s unbelievable deal helps you get the site migrated free of cost! You won’t be charged a penny to get the domain transferred to eUkhost.

On top of that, you’re also given free SSL certifications, which would offer stunning security protocols for both your site and the users.

Pros and Cons

Each host has its fair share of downsides along with strengths. Here are some of the key drawbacks and positives of eUKhost.


  • Spectacular site visiting performance would enhance user experience
  • Stunning Uptime record makes it always accessible by the users
  • Comes with quality customer support for better customer satisfaction
  • Provides tons of free services for the customers


  • Lack of data storage can be an issue

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Overall Ratings 

Let’s check the ratings of each section separately

Criteria Ratings
Performance 4.3
Uptime 4.4
Customer Support 4.2
Web Security 4.2
Data Backups 4.5
Refund Policy 4.4

Overall Thoughts

Well, we’ve gone through almost all the areas that you should be considering while studying a hosting provider. Here in the guide, we talked about how eUKhost would perform in speed, Uptime, customer services and security.

Based on the eUKhost web hosting review, we’ve provided a thorough analysis and a final report which can help any user make their decision whether to go ahead or not.

They perform pretty decently in almost all the sections. Although, lack of storage capability may seem like a problem. Yet, the stunning performance-related factors tremendously outweigh the minor flaws.

So, when are you getting your subscription? Find out the suitable plan and see the results right now!

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